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1412 - Koreans on Ulleungdo's neighboring island of Jukdo

1412 ~ 1425 - Why did old Korean maps show Ulleungdo as two islands?

1436 Jun 19 - Gangwondo Governor Asks to Populate "Muleungdo's Usan"

1457 Apr 16 - "The two islands of Usando and Muleungdo are suitable for settlements."

1470 - "Sambongdo(三峯島)" was just an another name of Ulleundo, not Takeshima/Dokdo

1530 - "Sinjeung Dongguk Yeoji Seungram" (新增東國輿地勝覽)

1530 - "Paldo Chongdo" (八道總圖) - "Map of the Eight Provinces"

1530 - "Takeshima in the Korean official map" by Funasugi Rikinobu (舩杉力修) - (1) 「八道総図」 in 『新増東国輿地勝覧』

1600's? - The Map of Joseon(朝鮮国図)

1600s - Map of Silla, Goguryo, & Baekje Regions (支那朝鮮古地圖 - 지나조선고지도)

1618 - Permission Given to the Oya and Murakawa Families (幕府 鳥取藩主 村川家 大屋家 竹島(欝陵島)渡航許可書)

Mid 17th century - Illustrative Map of Matsushima (松嶋絵図) by Murakawa Clan

1656 - "Yojiji (輿地志)" by Ryu Hyung-won (柳馨遠) didn't say "Usan is so-called Japanese Matsushima."

Mid 1600s-1682 - "Gi-eon - Kim Si-seop" (記言 - 金時習): "From Weolsong he viewed Ulleung/Usan." (越松望鬱陵于山)

1662 - Cheokjuji (陟州誌) - Ulleungdo (鬱陵島)

1667 Onshu Shicho Goki (隠州視聴合記)

1692-1693 - The 1692 and 1693 incidents: Ahn Yong-bok's(安龍福) first visit to Japan

1693-1696 - The Takeshima incident: the 1st dispute between Japan and Korea

1694 - Jang Han-sang (張漢相) Finds Sambongdo (三峯島)

1696c.a. - "Illustrative Map of Takeshima submitted by Kotani Ihei(小谷伊兵衛より差出候竹嶋之絵図)"

1696 - Ordinance Prohibiting Voyages to Takeshima (幕府 渡航禁制令)

1696 - Ahn Yong-bok's(安龍福) second visit to Japan: Part I

1696 - Ahn Yong-bok's (安龍福) second visit to Japan: Part II

1696 - Ahn's so-called Matsushima/Usando was Jukdo, afterall.

1699 - Today's Kwannundo(観音島) and Small Udo(小于島) in 「欝陵島図形」 by Choson Official Inspector, the Identical Figures.

1700s? - Korean Atlas "Yojido" (朝鮮摠図)

1711 - Bak Chang-seok's (朴昌錫) Map of Ulleungdo (「鬱陵島圖形」)

1711 - "Takeshima in the Korean official map" by Funasugi Rikinobu (舩杉力修) - (2)「欝陵島図形」

1711 - Ulleungdo Inspector Bak Chang-seok's (朴昌錫) 1711 Inscription

1714 July 22 - "Visible to the east of Ulleung is an island that is on the border of Japan."

1724 - Oki's Matsushima in the 18th century (「竹島図説」1751-63)

1736 ~ 1767 - Yeojido (輿地圖) - Ulleung/Usan (鬱陵于山兩島)

1737 ~ 1776: "Gwang Yeodo" (廣輿圖) - Gangwondo & Ulleungdo

Mid 1700s - "Paldo Yeojido" (八道輿地圖) - Ulleungdo Map (鬱陵島圖)

1744 - Chungwanji (春官志) - "Ulleungdo is called Sambongdo (三峰島)"

Early 1750s - "Haedong Jido" (海東地圖) - Ulleungdo

1750~1768 - Joseon Jido (朝鮮地圖) - Ulleungdo

1760s - Korean Atlas "Seonyeokdo" (鮮域圖)

1770 - "Takeshima in the Korean official map" by Funasugi Rikinobu (舩杉力修) - (3) 「欝陵島図 in'『朝鮮地図』

1777-1787 - Haedong Yeojido (海東輿地圖) - Ulleungdo

1786 - June 4 - Kim Chang-yun (金昌胤) Inspects Ulleungdo

1790 - "A Map of China and Surroundings(華夷一覧図) "by Kimura Kenkado(木村蒹葭堂)

1793 - Korean Record: "Songdo another name for Ulleungdo" (日省録)

1794 - June 3 - Han Chang-guk (韓昌國) Inspects Ulleungdo

1795-1800: Dong Yeodo (東輿圖) - Ulleungdo (鬱陵島)

Late Lee Dynasty - Ulleungdo and Usan were visible from Korean peninsula (江原道古地図(Kanwondo old map))

Late 18th c., "Joseon Paldo Jido," Ulleungdo & Usando (朝鮮八道地圖)

18th/19th? Century Map of Ulleungdo & Usando

19th c. Map of Ulleungdo: "Ulleungdo Dohyeong" (鬱陵島圖形), property of Samcheok Museum

1807 - May 12 - Lee Tae-gun (李泰根) Inspects Ulleungdo

San-in Chuo Shimpo: "Usando (于山島) = Jukdo (竹嶼), Documented for the First Time"

1817 Aaron Arrowsmith's map of Japan and Von Siebold

1827 - May 19 - Ha Si-myeong (河始明) Inspects Ulleungdo

1831 - May 14 - Lee Gyeong-jeong (李慶鼎) Inspects Ulleungdo

1834 - Korean Map: "Cheonggudo" (靑邱圖) 金正浩

1834 - Cheonggudo (靑邱圖) 1834 Map by Kim Jong-ho 金正浩

1835 - "Map of Asia and Small Orient(亜細亜小東洋圖)" shows Takeshima/Dokdo as Japanese territory

1835 - Late 18th & 19th Century Japanese Maps Showed Ulleungdo & Liancourt Rocks as Japanese ( 長久保赤水 唐土歴代州郡沿革地図 亜細亜小東洋圖)

1836 - Japanese Man Executed for Sailing to Ulleungdo (会津屋八右衛門 竹島事件)

1840-1860 c. Matsushima of Oki County (文鳳堂a.k.a 山城屋忠兵衛「文鳳堂雑纂」)

1840 Aaron Arrowsmith's map of Japan and Von Siebold ("Atlas von Land- und Seekarten vom Japanischen Reiche Dai-Nippon" in 1851.)

1842 - Okajima Masayoshi Wrote of Ahn Yong-bok's Flag and Claims (岡島正義 因府歴年大雑集)

1846 - French map of Korea (Coree)

1849 - 2007 - "Takeshima in Japanese map (1)" by Funasugi Rikinobu 1(「嘉永新増 大日本国郡輿地全図」)

1855 - Mid-19th c. Map of Samcheok District & Ulleungdo (地圖 江原道 咸鏡道)

1855 - French map of Korea (Coree)

1855 - Colton's "Japan"

What does this 1855 Jpn map of Oki say?

1858 - British Publication "China Pilot," 2nd Edition (1858)

1860 - 1870? - Japanese map of Korea (朝鮮國全図)

1861 - Daedong Yeojido (大東輿地圖) - Ulleungdo Map

1861 - British Publication "China Pilot," 3rd Edition (1861)

1861 - Late 18th & 19th Century Japanese Maps Showed Ulleungdo & Liancourt Rocks as Japanese (新刊輿地全図)

1863 - Description of Ulleungdo from Kim Jeong-ho's "Daedongjiji" (大東地志)

1864 - Japanese Map shows 2 similar islands (増訂大日本輿地全図)

1864 - British Publication "China Pilot," 4th Edition, 1864

c1865 - French map of Korea (Coree)

1876 - "Keirinjiryaku(鶏林事略)" by Sewaki Hisato (瀬脇寿人)excludes Takeshima/Dokdo from Choson

1870 - "How Takeshima & Matsushima Became Part of Joseon"

1873 - British Publication "China Sea Directory," 1st Edition, Vol. 4 (1873)

1873 - Western Map Shows Takeshima & Matsushima as Japanese (Carte de l'empire du Japon publiee par la Commision Imperiale Exposition Universelle de VIENNE 1873 by Japanese Meiji Government)

1874 - "Histoire de L'Eglise de Corée" by Claude Charles Dallet

1875 - "Chosen Yochi Zenzu" by Sekiguchi Bisyo (關口備正) (朝鮮輿地全図)

1876 - "Argument for the Development of Matsushima" (武藤平学 松島開拓之議)

1876 - Shimane prefecture explains the history of Takeshima in 1876 (Part 1/2)

1876 - Shimane prefecture explains the history of Takeshima in 1876 (Part 2/2)

1877 - Jpn Map of Ulleungdo (磯竹島略図)

1877 - Jpn Map Shows "Matsushima" (松島) as Japanese (文部省出版 宮本三平「日本全図」)

1877 - Argument about "another island": details of the compiled official documents (公文禄) of the Ministry of the Interior (太政官指令)

1877/78 - Watanabe Says Liancourt Rocks are Japanese (竹島考証 : 渡辺洪基 「松島之儀一」)

1877/78 - Different Japanese Views on Matsushima (田辺太一 「松島巡視要否ノ議」(意見 : 甲乙丙))

1877/8 - Unfinished Translation of an 1878? Document (竹島考証 : 渡辺洪基 「中間意見」)

1880 - Japanese Warship "Amagi" (軍艦天城) Surveys Ulleungdo and finds "Takeshima" is Jukdo.

1881 - Kitazawa Masanari(北澤正誠), a official of MOFA concluded that "Takeshima" is Jukdo in "A Study of Takeshima (Takeshima Kosho 竹島考証) ".

1881 - Oki & Matsushima Same Color on 1881 Japanese Map (大日本府県分轄図)

1881 - Western Map Shows Takeshima & Matsushima as Japanese (大日本全図)

1882 April 7 - King Kojong says Usando Neighboring Island of Ulleungdo (高宗 19卷, 19年 4月 7日 壬戌)

1882 - "Takeshima in the Korean official map" by Funasugi Rikinobu (舩杉力修) - (4) 『鬱陵島外図』

1882 - Shinsen Chosen Yochi Zenzu (新撰朝鮮輿地全圖) by Wakabayashi Tokusaburo (若林篤三郞)

1883 - Japanese "Seaways Magazine" (日本水路誌)

1883 - Japanese Map of Ulleungdo (朝鮮国蔚陵島出張桧垣内務省書記官復命ノ件)

1884 - British Publication "China Sea Directory," 2nd Edition, Vol. 4 (1884)

1884~1894 - Map of Ulleungdo (鬱陵島) & Usando (于山島) (it shows an island off the east shore of Ulleungdo (鬱陵島) labeled as "Udo" (于島))

1886 Dec. - 寰瀛水路誌 第二巻第二版 韓露沿岸

1891 - Four maps from the Map Library of the University of Alabama (German map : Ost-China, Korea und Japan)

1891 - American map of Japan (JAPAN, People’s Publishing Co. in Chicago)  

1891 - American map of Japan (JAPAN, International Cyclopaedia)

1892 - German Map of East Asia (China und Japan)

1893 - Four maps from the Map Library of the University of Alabama (German map : Ubersichtskarte von China und Japan)

1894 - British map of Japan (Edward Stanford, Charing Cross, London)

1894 - American map of Japan (JAPAN, Cram Universal)  

1894 - Any Info on this Japanese Map (實測朝鮮全圖, 1894, 宗孟寬)?

1894 - "Jissoku Chosen Zenzu" (實側朝鮮全圖) by So Mokan (宗孟寬)

1894 - Japanese map of Korea, "Chosen Yochizu" (朝鮮輿地図)

1894 - Japanese map "日清韓三国地図"

1894 - British Publication "China Sea Directory," 3rd Edition, Vol 4 (1894)

1894 - British map of Japan and Korea (Popular Atlas of The World)

1894 Jan 14 - New Japanese Boat Visits Ulleungdo (漁船改良丸の好果)

1894 - February 18 - Article on an Ulleungdo Inspection (朝鮮竹島探檢 (松江佐_狂水生投))

1894 - Jpn Gazetteer: Usando "in the vicinity of Ulleungdo" (于山島:蔚陵島ノ近傍) (三橋僊史著『朝鮮地名案内』)

1894-1897 - From "Korea and Her Neighbors" by Isabella Lucy Bird.

1897 - German-made map of Japan and Korea (Japan Und Korea)

1897 - German map (CHINA, KOREA UND JAPAN)

1897 - American map of Japan and Korea (The Century Atlas. Japan Und Korea)

1898 - Korean Map of Gangwondo & Ulleungdo (朝鮮地圖 江原道)

1898 - Four maps from the Map Library of the University of Alabama (British map : Japan Islands)

1899 Korean Map: "Daehanjeondo" (大韓全圖) (玄采 大韓地誌)

1899 - "Takeshima in the Korean official map" by Funasugi Rikinobu (舩杉力修) - (5) 『大韓全図』(1899) , 『大韓輿地図』(1900 c.a.)

1899 - Did the 1899 "Joseon Seaways Directory" Mention "Dokdo"?

1898 - Four maps from the Map Library of the University of Alabama (American map : Empires of China, Japan and Korea)

1899 American map of Japan and 1894 Japanese map of Korea (Map of Japan : George F. Cram of Chicago)

1899 Sep 23 - "Hwangseong Sinmun" (皇城新聞) 1899 Sep 23: Ulleungdo Situation

1900 - Japanese map of Ulleungdo (赤塚正助 鬱陵島山林概況)

1900 - "Uldo-gi" (鬱島記), by U Yong-jeong (禹用鼎)

1900 - Imperial Edict Makes Ulleungdo a County of Gangwon Province (大韓勅令第41号)

1901 - "Daehanjiji" (大韓地誌) Map of Korea's Gangwon Province (玄采)

1901 - No Korean Fishermen on Ulleungdo in 1901

1902 - Japanese Document Describing Ulleungdo (外務省通商局編纂 通商彙纂)

1903 The Fishery Guide of Sea around Korea (黒龍会 韓海通漁指針)

1904 - February 20th Japanese map of Korea and Manchuria(満韓新図 日露戦争実記)

1904 - The Seat of the Japan-Russian War

1904 - British Publication "Sailing Directions" (1904)

1904 - September 29 - Petition to Incorporate Ryanko-to (Liancourt Rocks) (中井養三郎 リャンコ島領土編入並二貸下願 )

1904 - Sep 25 - First Record of "Dokdo" for Liancourt Rocks (軍艦新高行動日誌)

1905 - "Trade Documents" by MOFA (外務省通商局編纂 通商彙纂)

1905 - January 28th: the dicision by a Cabinet meeting (閣議決定)

1905 - Feb 24 - Takeshima Incorporated into Shimane Prefecture (隠岐の新島)

1905 - June - Japanese Cruiser Surveys Takeshima (Liancourt Rocks)

1905 - Jul 3 - "Postcards to Commemorate Naval Battle" (海戦記念絵葉書)

1905 - Aug 6 - Japanese Officials to Visit Takeshima (竹島渡航)

1905 - Aug 22 - "Governor Matsunaga Inspects Takeshima" (松永知事の竹島視察)

1905 - Aug 22 - "Sea Pigs" Near Takeshima (県庁内に海豚放養)

1906 - Mar 11 - "Voyage to Takeshima Decided" (竹島行決定)

1906 - Apr 1 - Japanese Tell Koreans of Takeshima Incorporation (竹島土産)

1906 - Apr 8 - "Diary of My Trip to Takeshima" # 3 (竹嶋渡海日記)

1906 - July 13 - Korea Omits Dokdo from Uldo County (皇城新聞 「鬱島郡의 配置顛末)

1906 Sep 26 - Boundary Survey of Uldo County Conducted

1907 June - "Sinpyeon Daehan Jiri" (新編 大韓地理)

1907 - Daehan Shinjiji Attached Maps (大韓新地志附地圖)

1907 - Japan's "Joseon Seaways Directory" (朝鮮水路誌)

1907 - "Chodeung Daehan Jiji" (初等大韓地誌)

1909 - Japan's "Korean Fisheries Guide" ( 「韓国水産誌」鬱陵島全図 )

1913 - June 22- Location of Usando Unknown in Early 1900s (毎日申報 無人島探検中止)

1917 & 1918 - Maps of Ulleungdo (鬱陵島図 朝鮮総督府)

1918 - Japanese Map of Ulleungdo (鬱陵島図 朝鮮総督府)

1919 - National Geographic Map of Korea

1922 - "Map of Daehanminguk" (대한민국 디도) (大韓民国図)

1923 - Shimane Prefecture Journal (島根県誌)

1928 - The name of Kwannondo(観音島) came from the "Stone Buddhas (石仏)" on the island. (東亜日報)

1939 Jpn textbook shows Liancourt Rocks as Korean?

1944 - 1984 - National Geographic Maps

1950's - Korean Video: "Dokdo & the Peace Line"

1950's - Japan & Korea Argue Their Claims in 1950s Letters

1950 - USA answers to Australian government

1953 - Jul 22 - US Doc. Reconfirms Dean Rusk Letter

1953 - American map made by the National Geographic Society (China Coast and Korea)

1954 - Report of Van Fleet mission to the Far East

1996 - CIA Map of Japan (administrative map of Japan )

2008 - New Article on Gerry from San-in Chuo Shinopo(山陰中央新報)

2008 - "10 Issues of Takeshima" by MOFA

2008 - June 25 - Article on the Syngman Rhee Line: Lies, lies, lies "60 Years of the Republic: The Syngman Rhee Line")

2008 - Korean Teacher Union Calls on Japan to Apologize for Dokdo

2008 - June - Japanese News Update

2008 - July 14 - The New Guidelines for Teacher's Handbook

Series Colum : "Seeking Truth Based Solely on Facts(実事求是)” by Prof. Shimojo Masao(下條正男)

The 11th column “South Korea's Misunderstanding of 'A Map of Three Adjoining Countries (Sangoku Setsujozu 三国接壌図)' by Hayashi Shihei(林子平)”

The 10th column " A Blunder of Sokdo(石島) = Dokto(独島) Theory

The 9th column "Criticism on Dokdo Research Center”

The 8th column “The Historical Facts" The 6th column “Onshu-shicho-goki (隠州視聴合記)" and the "Nihon Yochi Totei Zenzu (日本輿地路程全図)" by Nagakubo Sekisui(長久保赤水)"

The 5th column “South Korea’s erroneous interpretation of the document 'Takeshima and Another Island are Unrelated to Japan"

The 4th column “Errors in Educational Video Produced by the Northeast Asian History Foundation (東北アジア歴史財団)."


"US Reinstates S. Korean Sovereignty Over Dokdo"

Q1: Has Dokdo been a part of Korea since the sixth century?

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Ampontan on Korea's Reaction to the Current Takeshima Controversy

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They insist that Tsushima was Korean territory

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New, old map of Ulleungdo?

Japanese Video Disputing Korean Claim Usando Was "Dokdo"

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News Flash - PM Fukuda notified President Lee of describing Takeshima

Japanese News Update : July 11, 2008

Korean Eastern limits described in various books world wide exclude Takeshima/Dokdo from Korean Territory

Article on the Syngman Rhee Line: Lies, lies, lies.

Japanese News Update : June 26, 2008

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Korean Eastern limits described in various books exclude Takeshima/Dokdo from Korean Territory

Korea to Use "National Geographic" to Publicize Dokdo Sovereignty

Takeshima Not Mentioned in Japanese Educational Guidelines

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Samcheok Museum's "Ulleungdo Dohyeong"

Samcheok Museum's "Ulleungdo Dohyeong" (鬱陵島圖形)

Is Mark Lovemo's "Dokdo" Web site history?

Over 40 Old Korean Maps on Display in Suwon

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Dong-A Ilbo: "Japanese Netizens Actively Promote 'Takeshima'"

Yomiuri Shimbun: "Detailed map of Takeshima completed"

2007 - "Takeshima in the Korean official map" by Funasugi Rikinobu (舩杉力修) - Supplement

Korea to add "Dokdo" to image of old map.

Korean Nationalism and so-called "Dokdo"

Geographical Survey Institute of Japan(国土地理院) first displays Takeshima's details in the topographical map.

Korea's NE Asian History Foundation Advertisement

Donggyeong San Cheon (東京山川) - Paldo Jido (八道地圖)

Some "Netizens" Upset New Banknote Has No Dokdo

1894-1948 Korean territory (Revised version)

Good Video of Ulleungdo's Northern Shore

Went to Samcheok Museum today, and....

Can you see "Dokdo" (獨島) from Ulleungdo?

Korean Scholar Says "Usando" Was Ulleungdo's "Jukdo"

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"Onshu Shicho Goki" - The different translations

Oh, no, Dokdo. Here we go, again.

KBS Documentary on "Jukdo," the Real Usando

Daum Urges Koreans to Come Here and Vote "Dokdo"

Inspector's Map of Ulleungdo Shows Jasando (子山嶋)?

Some help with this map, please?

Why did Western Maps Show Ulleungdo as Japanese?

Symposium on "The Life of Dokdo Guardian An Yong-bok"

Where have all the Usandos gone?

Nice picture of Ulleungdo's Jukdo (Usando)

Today's Update September 02, 2007

What do イガ島, まの島 and マノ島, have in common?

Most Popular Article on Sanin-chou Shimpo site?

"Dokdo Must Have Trees to be Internationally Legal Island"

Yonhap News says Dokdo was annexed in 1910

ALERT: Dokdo Under Attack!

Investigation of Japanese maps during Meiji period before the incorporation of Liancourt rocks

General Comments for Suggestions for June 2007

Japanese Articles on Dokdo/Takeshima

Japanese Name Glossary

Japanese Document and Map Links

English/Western Document and Map Links

Korean Document and Map Links

Wikipedia Switches from "Dokdo" to "Liancourt Rocks"

Dokdo Residents Talk about the Islets

"Shimane Prefecture Research Committee Report 'Takeshima is Japanese Land'"

Searching for Solutions or Cheerleaders?

Dokdo-or-Takeshima? Posts (日本語 : Japanese) : (日本語での投稿記事)

1618年 - 幕府の「渡航許可書」

1656 - 柳馨遠 『輿地志』 (「東国興地志」巻之七 江原道 蔚珍)

1696年 -幕府の「渡航禁制令」

1711年 - 朴昌錫「鬱陵島圖形」

1711年 - 鬱稜島に派遣された検察官朴昌錫の残した碑文

1736 ~ 1767年 - 「輿地圖」 - 鬱陵于山両島

1737~1776年 - 廣輿圖 - 江原道と鬱陵島

1700年中期 - 「八道輿地圖」 - 鬱陵島

1793年 - 韓国の記録「日省録」に記された"松島"

1800年代以前(推定) - 東京山川 八道地圖

1807年5月12日 - 李泰根が鬱陵島を検察する

1836年 - 会津屋八右衛門による竹嶋一件と「竹嶋渡海一件記 全」 (竹島事件 会津屋八右衛門)

1840~1860年頃 - 隠岐国松島 (文鳳堂a.k.a 山城屋忠兵衛「文鳳堂雑纂」)

1853-1922 - 肝付兼行 (Kimotsuki Kaneyuki)

1861年 - 金正浩「大東輿地圖」

1864年 - 日本の地図に現れる竹島と松島は瓜ふたつ

1876年 - 島根県の報告「渡海禁制のいきさつ」

1876年 - 島根県の報告「(竹島の)由来の概略」

1877年 - "松島"に関する様々な意見:「松島巡視要否ノ議」 外務省公信局長 田邊太一

1878年 - 「松島の儀」外務省記録局長 渡邊洪基

1882年 - 4月7日 高宗が于山島は鬱陵島の隣接島であると述べたこと

1894年 - 海軍省水路部「朝鮮水路誌」(明治二十七年)

1899年9月23日 - 皇城新聞記事「鬱陵島 事況」

1901年 - 大韓帝国地理書「大韓地誌」玄采著附属江原道地図

1902年 - 外務省通商局編纂「通商彙纂」

1903年 - 韓海通漁指針

1904年 - リャンコ島領土編入並二貸下願 (中井養三郎)

1904年2月20日 - 「満韓新図」

1904年9月25日 - 韓国名"独島"が竹島/Liancourt Rocksを示すのに使われた始めての記録

1905年1月28日 - 閣議決定資料

1905年 - 軍艦橋立の竹島調査

1905年 - 外務省通商局編纂「通商彙纂」 第50号

1907年 - (明治四十年)「朝鮮水路誌」


1950年 - オーストラリア政府の質問に対する米国の回答

1954年 - ヴァン・フリート使節団報告書





18世紀の隠岐ノ松島 「竹島図説」


1894-1948 朝鮮領土の境界


竹島の歴史入門(日本語版)・History of Dokdo for beginners (Korean version)

Dokdo-or-Takeshima? Posts (韓国語 : Korean)  : (韓国語での投稿記事)

竹島の歴史入門(日本語版)・Historyof Dokdo for beginners (Korean version)

한국의 친구서,부디 검토해 주십시오

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