Yomiuri Shimbun: "Detailed map of Takeshima completed"

The following is a link to a Yomiuri Shimbun article talking about a new topographical map of Takeshima compiled by Japan's Geographical Survey Institute. This news was talked about before, but this English article explains it in an easy-to-understand way and gives some good background information.

"Detailed map of Takehima completed"


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    and this is my translation of the article of San-in Chuo Shinpo about you. Please correct my English when you have time. Thank you.

    "Usando(于山島) = Jukdo(竹嶼)" is proven by the document for the first time.

    The description that shows that Usando which South Korea insists to be Takeshima's(Dokdo in Korean which two countries claim soverignty) old name is Jukdo(竹嶼, or 竹島 in Korean) that is adjacent to the northeast of present Ulleundo was found in the old document in Choson Dynasty. It was a first time to be proven by the document that the Takeshima Research Centre of Shimane Prefecture's claim "Usando is not Takeshima/Dokdo but Jukdo." based on old maps, is actually correct.

    The document is "Ilseongrok (日省錄) ", which was a Korean record of daily affairs of state from 1760 to 1910. American Gerry Bevers (52) who researches the Takeshima/Dokdo issue in South Korea announced this on the Internet.

    There is a description about Usando in the report of 1807 by the government official who surveyed the surrounding of Ulleundo in "Ilseongrok (日省錄) ". It says the island is in the north of Ulleundo and it's surroundings are 2-3 ri(里)s ( It is 800 -1200 meters in Korean). (「北有于山島周回為二三里許」)

    Jukdo is the only island which has such a long circumfirence around Ulleundo. Jukdo is adjacent to the northeast of Ulleundo, and reaches almost 700 meters from south to north. On the other hand, Takeshima/Dokdo is located in the southeast away from Ulleundo by 92 kilometers, and Mr. Bevers concluded that "At any rate, this 1807 report says that Usando was a neighboring island of Ulleungdo. ".

    The professor of Masao Shimojo, Takushoku University who served as the chairman of the Takeshima problem society value this as, "Having been proven by the document is meaningful though it was already clear that Usando is not Takeshima/Dokdo but Jukdo in the old maps".

    The South Korea researchers have refuted against the claim by Takeshima Research Center of Shimane, saying as "It is necessary to value the record of the document more than maps" up to now. Prof, Shimojo quote this refutation and then said "The opinion of the Takeshima Research Center was proven to be correct".

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    1807年5月12日 - 李泰根が鬱陵島を検察する

    1807 - May 12 - Lee Tae-gun (李泰根) Inspects Ulleungdo

    2007 - Index of Posts on Dokdo-or-Takeshima?

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    I doubt it. Did you actually read other posts on this blog? This is a bilingual blog, so English and Japanese are official languages unfortunately. Japanese are allowed to use Japanese here. Please stop racist comment.

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    Anonymous, you are confused this is not an English website.

    It is a Japanese Takeshima lobbyist website. It is written in English by a disgruntled American expat living in Korea (Gerry Bevers) and a small group of Japanese right-wing extremists working on behalf of Shimane Prefecture. You will notice they link to Japanese newpapers articles (especially the right-wing Shimane newspaper) or Japan's MOFA.

    Kanganese and Pacifist are two anonymous posters who post here yet never once have I even seen them give their names. I don't know why. Maybe they are scared or ashamed...

    My name is Steve Barber and you can see some data that supports Korea's side to this dispute here.

    Korea's Dokdo Island

  14. Annonymous,

    This is not an English-only Web site. We use English, Japanese, Korean, and even Chinese on this site. Many times translations are provided, but that decision is left up to the poster.

    By the way, for those who might be interested, I am back from my vacation. I hope we can all start posting again.

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  17. Is this detailed map available? Id love to have a pdf of it.

  18. I've just noticed that the link is dead. I've found other site that reports this, so I'll copy and paste whole report for a record.

    Detailed map of Takeshima, Japan completed

    18 January 2008
    Japan - The governmental Geographical Survey Institute has compiled the first 1:25,000-scale topographical map of the Takeshima islets--known as Dokdo in South Korea, which currently controls the disputed territory.

    The 1:25,000-scale maps that the institute draws are base maps for every other map compiled by public and private bodies in the nation. With the new map of the islets, the whole territory of Japan, except for the northern territories, has been mapped.

    The islets in Okinoshimacho, Shimane Prefecture, which both Japan and South Korea claim sovereignty over, currently are controlled by South Korea, which dispatched police to guard the islands.

    Under such circumstances, the institute was unable to take aerial photographs or conduct field studies, necessary activities for compiling a basic map. As a result, the institute was able to create a map with a scale of 1:200,000 based on low-precision satellite image data.

    The institute initially planned to create a map using information obtained only by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Advanced Land Observing Satellite, nicknamed Daichi, which was developed with the primary purpose of compiling a basic map of the world.

    However, large errors were found in data regarding the altitude of contours sent by the satellite, and the institute therefore decided to use data obtained by U.S. commercial satellites.

    The new map, for the first time, indicates the height of the highest points on Nishijima island and Higashijima island, which comprise the islets, as 168 meters and 97 meters, respectively. The map also shows detailed land features of the islets, such as jagged coastlines, contours and steep, rocky slopes.

    Facilities set up on the islets by South Korea are not indicated on the new map as they are regarded as illegally constructed buildings.

    The GSI map was made to update the previous map of the area after four municipalities on Okinoshima island in the prefecture merged to become Okinoshimacho in 2004. That map went on sale in December.

    In creating the 2004 map, the names of Otokojima island and Onnajima island were changed to Nishijima island and Higashijima island, respectively. (Jan. 18, 2008)

    http://www.gisdevelopment.net/news/viewn.asp?id=GIS:N_euvixwpntg (English)
    http://s04.megalodon.jp/2008-0415-1328-56/www.gisdevelopment.net/news/viewn.asp?id=GIS:N_euvixwpntg (cache)

    竹島 25000分の1地図、国土地理院作製






    (2008年1月17日 読売新聞)

    http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/book/news/20080117bk04.htm (Japanese)


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