Ulleungdo from Possibly Samcheok (三陟) or Donghae City (東海)

The Dokdo Guardian has posted HERE the following picture of Ulleungdo, as seen from Chorok Peak (草綠峰 - 초록봉), which is above Donghae City (東海) on the east coast of Korea. The picture is undated.

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  1. Thank you for the great pic, Gerry

    It is definately took with a telephoto lens, but we can see clearly the shapes of Ulleungdo from Samcheok or Donghae city.

    I wish GTOMR would give us more detailed analysation on this photo, soon.

  2. Gerry,

    Thanks. It looks larger than I expected.
    The distance may be 80 km but it looks as if it were several kms away. Was this taken with a telephoto lens?

  3. Oops, Kaneganese already left a similar comment.

  4. pacifist,

    I think the distance from Samcheok to Ulleungdo is more than 100km. It was 140km from Uljin, I remember.

  5. Kaneganese,

    You are right. So it must be not easy to view the island like this with the naked eye.

    It may be viewd as a spot - I can't throw away the theory that they may have misunderstood that they saw two islands piled up together.

  6. Here is the simulation result, visibility from Samchok to Ulluengdo.

    The photo above is similar with the result of the simulation, from the 400m above the sea with 200mm lenz.(check the link above)
    Maybe, the photo was taken more than 400m above the sea.
    In addition, south part(right side) is lower which reminds me of the phrase of
    鬱陵或曰武陵亦曰羽陵 登高望之 三峰岌嶪撑空 而南峰稍低 日初出時風恬浪靜 則衆峰攢靑岩壑呈露沙汀樹木 歷歷可指

    So, the simulation programme is better result than I had thought.
    It means, there would exist the point which Ullunegdo can be seen as two island, same like the simulation which I tried.

    (Title page of the simulation)

    on the sea, away From 116km north of Ulluengdo, 0m/200mm lenz ,Ulluengdo can be seen as if it is two island(simulation)
    竹濱 50m/200mm Ulleungdo can be seen as two island (Simulation)
    平海 100m/200mm lenz Ulleungdo can be seen as two island (Simulation)

  7. GTOMR,

    Thanks a lot for the great simulated photos!

    The one at altitude 100m looks like two islands - if someone with good eyesight saw the island, it would be viewed like this...

  8. Thank you, GTOMR !!

    Wow ! ! Your simulation of 400m/200mm looks very similar to the photo. And the sentence you mentioned "鬱陵或曰武陵亦曰羽陵 登高望之 三峰岌嶪撑空 而南峰稍低 日初出時風恬浪靜 則衆峰攢靑岩壑呈露沙汀樹木 歷歷可指" is exactly fits the shape of Ulleungdo. It was actually possible to see the whole island, not only the tip of Ulleungdo. I'm impressed.

    The photo of Ulleungdo taken from peninsula is rare. We got lucky !

  9. It is quite a fine view. It would be the world of 「東国輿地勝覧」.

    And,the counter indicates over 980 thousand. excellent!

  10. There is another picture at that sight.

    It seems to have taken a picture in the point where latitude was lower than above photograph.

  11. Thanks, けぺ

    Yes, it seems taken from lower place than above photo. But somehow, it looks much bigger.

  12. けぺ or Kaneganese,
    I guess the photo you mention is taken from Ullunegdo to Chukpyong, not ullunegdo from Korean peninsula.

    The result also shows better accurancy than I had thought.
    from Ullunegdo,950m(聖人峯) to Chukpyong竹濱,200mmlenz(Simulation)

  13. Thanks, GTOMR.

    That's why the land looked bigger. Now I understand it is Koren peninsula.

  14. Good evening,

    It's most probably a view from a summit called "Chorokbong(초록붕)" in Donghae City:


  15. Good afternoon,

    Just for the record, the city area seen in the photo is Cheongok-dong (泉谷洞) in Donghae City (東海市).

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  17. The height of Chorokbong(초록봉) is 531.4m above sea level, and the angle looks right:


  18. Thank you for your suggestion raquel,

    Simulation Data, visibility from Donghae (515m) to Ullungdo.

    Maybe It is nearby Chorokbong in Donghae ,Im not sure it is exact place or not on my simulation map.

  19. gtomr,

    I can see that your simulation software can be trusted and relied upon for its results.

    Thank you for your good job.

  20. Today I found another possibility how Ulluengdo can be seen as if it is two island. This time, I compare Autofocus result and out-of-focus result intentionally. Most of Out-of focus result shows Ulluengdo can be seen as two island.

    But Im not sure what kind of condition real humankind can see like the image in this link.

  21. Is this record already known?
    李山海 蔚陵島説

    Open here and click the munu "원문텍스트" avobe the korean text


  22. GTOMR様,

    Thanks for the information. I haven't read this text before. It is hard to understand all of the text but it seems to me that it mentions the situation of Ulleungdo and I'm slightly interested in the sentence "豈無一物可交貨有無於他境乎".

    At Ulleungdo, 境 means border or some other country's area and the country should be no other than Japan. So isn't this one of the evidences that Korean people thought that Ulleungdo was the eastern limit of Korea?

  23. There are the paintings about Manyagjeng during Joseon dynasty era (英祖時代)
    by 金尚星

    The paintings from Manyonjong 望洋亭 incruding Ulluengdo on Samchok Museum (Property of Kyuujangak)

  24. 金尚星の書いた鬱陵島を拡大してみたのですが、少し興味深いデザインと思いました。