1699 - Today's Kwannundo(観音島) and Small Udo(小于島) in 「欝陵島図形」 by Choson Official Inspector, the Identical Figures.

I found the excellent work by our frequent commentator GTOMR over at Enjoy Korea BBS last week. He compared the figures of today's Kwannundo in modern Naver and Small Udomap in 1699 「欝陵島図形」 by Choson Official Inspector. Honestly, I was quite surprised to see those, since they are almost identical.

From his superb work, it is now safe for us to determine that those two are the same island, today's Kwannundo(観音島). The shapes of today's Jukdo in Naver map and Big Udo(大于島) are also similar enough to say they are the same island(竹嶼 or 竹島 in Korean), too. It is now clear that Choson officials knew the existance of Kwanundo and the fact that so-called Usando is today's Jukdo. And they mapped it with accurate shapes and location on the official report. Yabutarou's work is also worth to check.

20071223 小于島とNaver地図 20071223 大于島とNaver地図
20071223 Naver Mapで鬱陵島の北東部を見てみる。 1699 「欝陵島図形」
(Huge thanks to GTOMR for permitting me to use his work.)
GTOMR wrote a excellent summery titled "10 reasons why Usando is not Takeshima/Dokdo", too (Korean)


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I found the excellent work by our frequent commentator GTOMR over at Enjoy Korea BBS last week.

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