Dong-A Ilbo: "Japanese Netizens Actively Promote 'Takeshima'"

The following is my translation of a January 28 article in the Korean newspaper, "Dong-a Ilbo":
"Japanese Netizens Actively Promote 'Takeshima'"

Japanese netizens are actively promoting "Takeshima" (called "Dokdo" in Korea).

According to the Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK), on the 28th, Japanese netizens will use a site entitled "2008 Takeshima project" (sakurasakurasakura3.blog53.fc2.com/blog-entry-342.html) to achieve solidarity and systematically promote Dokdo as "Takeshima."

The site will insist to bloggers and site managers that Dokdo is "Takeshima," and will post such things as articles, pictures, and video. It will also ask that people participate in a survey on an English site that asks about the sovereignty of Dokdo. It is also proposing that people again link to Shimane (島根) Prefecture's multi-lingual information page on Takeshima (dokdo-or-takeshima.blogspot.com).

The site presently has more than 100 bloggers and site managers participating.

The President of VANK, Bak Gi-tae, said, "Moreover, the problem is serious because this site induces anti-Korean content by linking bloggers to sites where they can purchase, "Hating the Korean Wave," which is a book written by Japanese right-wingers."

President Bak said, "If you type '2008 Takeshima' (2008年竹島) into the overseas search engine 'Google' (
www.google.com), you can easily confirm that the Japanese sites participating in this movement are rapidly spreading." He added, "To deal with this, VANK will begin a serious infomation campaign by networking with friendly bloggers, domestically and overseas, and setting up a blogger hub site to promote to the world Dokdo, Goguryo, and pro-Korean-wave information.
Notice that the newspaper gave our site's address as the multi-lingual web site for Shimane Prefecture's Takeshima's information page. Not only is that information wrong, but the Korean sentences in the article seem to be poorly written.

Link to the Korean article

Link to the Japanese blog referred to in the article


dokdo-takeshima.com said...

It's funny after listening to those on this forum bicker that I had no contact address on my website. I finally left an e-mail address for someone to contact me. After about a month a Korean government official contacted me because they wanted to use my site to promote the truth of Dokdo.

You can link to me on Gyeongsanbukdo's CyberDokdo English page now. Isn't this great news guys? Try here!!

The Truth of Dokdo

If only they could spell my name....sigh.

The Korean article is correct. Look at all of the rubbish you've posted recently. It's just recycled articles from either Shimane Prefecture's homepage, Japanese Professors or articles from Japanese right-wing rags. Don't blame the Koreans for calling a spade a spade.

Kaneganese said...
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Kaneganese said...


"It is also proposing that people again link to Shimane (島根) Prefecture's multi-lingual information page on Takeshima (dokdo-or-takeshima.blogspot.com)."

Actually, the site only promote to "link to Shimane site", not here and says to vote for Japan on this blog additionally. I think they are confused.

Anyway, this supporting Takeshima Day campaign is sort of "fishing" as you may have already noticed. It's a bit funny to see Korean media and pro-Korean react overly as always, since that is exactly what they want. (And there is no "netizens" in Japan. We call them "neller" or something.)

Another news from Japanese Jiji News (時事通信);
"On 29th January 2008, the Fishery Agency of Japan announced that 300,000 baskets for shellfish and the 4535 kilometers fishing nets in total which were used to poach the marine products (and left or discarded in the middle of the sea)by South Korean fishing boat had been collected by cleaning the bottom of the sea in exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in Japan in eight years from 2000 to 2007. It is said that the number becomes as many as 20 Mt. Fuji if the basket is piled up by and about 2.5 round trips from Tokyo and Fukuoka if all the nets tie. "

Jiji news (Japanese) Cache

the Fishery Agency of Japan, The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (Japanese) Cache

Korean Government should control Korean fishermen's illegal poaching from Japanese EEZ. Or at least they should bear the expenses for collecting and disposing.

dokdo-takeshima.com said...

A Japanese person preaching about conservation of marine resources!!

How rich is that?