Early 1750s - "Haedong Jido" (海東地圖) - Ulleungdo

The map below is of the Korean island of Ulleungdo (鬱陵島) from the atlas "Haedong Jido" (海東地圖), which is believed to have been made in the early 1750s. In addition to showing several rock formations offshore of Ulleungdo, the map also shows a small island off the east shore labeled as "所謂 于山島," which translates as "the so-called Usando." Korea claims that Usando was the old Korean name from "Dokdo" (Liancourt Rocks), but this map and many others show that Usando was just a neighboring island of Ulleungdo, not Liancourt Rocks. The map says that Ulleungdo had a circumference of about 200 ri (80 km.), and was about eighty ri (32 km.) from east to west and fifty ri (20 km.) from north to south. The map is stored at Seoul National University's Kyujanggak Center for Korean Studies.

In addition to showing the island of Usando and several rock formations around Ulleungdo, the maps also shows five small islands off the southern shore of Ulleungdo. It is unclear what these islands were referring to, but several old maps of Ulleungdo show these same five, unnamed islands. The map also shows a list of the flora and fauna on the island, which includes sea lions (可支魚), cats (猫), and rats (鼠).

Early 1750s - Haedong Jido 1

Early 1750s - Haedong Jido 2


  1. どなたか英語に訳して下さい。Someone , please translate.




    Lee Sang Tae "Historical Evidence of Korean Sovereignty over Dokdo" Kyongsewon発行


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  3. Yabutarouさん。


  4. ああ、失礼。
    三陟市立博物館 鬱陵島圖形
    慶照大学 江源道図 鬱陵島

  5. There is a photo about Map in Samcheok musium about
    鬱陵島圖形 in 三陟市立博物館,even though it is not clear but bit better than the Ullungdo map list(not Liancourt Rocks/takeshima/dokdo) of dokdo musium.

  6. 私とくにたかさんの書き込みをno15968から見てください。





  7. Gerry,

    Yabutarou said that if it's possible, he would like you to get a book "Lee Sang Tae "Historical Evidence of Korean Sovereignty over Dokdo, published by Kyongsewon(Korean and English)" and/or 『武陵島の源を尋ねて東海の島へ(Korean)( English translation of Japanese title he gave is something like "To the islands of East Sea - In search of the origin of Mulleundo"← not sure of Korean original title)』 by 独島博物館(Dokdo Museum) which half-moon told him that the map he wanted was printed on. Dokdo Museum site put only a tiny picture of the map he want on their web and he wants a bigger one for his site. (I want to see a bigger one, too.) We don't really know in which book the map he wants are printed, or even it really in them, I'm afraid. It looks like we can't order from amazon.com. (If it's too expencive, you don't have to buy, off course.)

    The name of the maps are...
    「江源道図 鬱陵島」慶照大学 

    Half-moon also told that Dokdo Museum are going to put the maps of their book on the web, though.

  8. GTOMR ,

    Good job! 

    Someone , please translate.



  9. Gerry,

    It looks like GTOMR found the site of Samcheok Museum site and it looks like they put the map on public view.

    "Could you please go and check the map when you have free time on a holiday or feeling like a short trip or hiking? I'm really interested in place names around Jukdo, especially. (by Yabutarou)"

    Is it far from where you live?


    Good Job !

  10. Samcheok is the place the movie "April Snow" (Korean title "外出") was filmed, isn't it?

    I've heard that lots of Japanese fans, mostly middle aged women, once gathered there because their idol, Bae Yong-joon, was the hero of the film.

    Maybe some long-distance buses are available from Seoul but it would take several hours....

  11. Kaneganese & Yabutarou,

    Actually, I was going to go to the Samcheok Museum yesterday, but I got sidetracked with other things. I will try to go there this next weekend. I think it is less than two hours from where I am. It is nice to see that they have the map on display. Anyway, it looks like a nice museum that would be worth the trip even without the map.

    As for the book, could it be the following?

    "Historical Evidence of Korean Sovereignty over DOKDO"

    The Web site says the book costs 60,000 won, which is a little less than $60 dollars. Supposedly there are 119 maps in the book and 59 historical records. If the maps are good and he translates all of those 59 historical records, than the book might be worth $60, but if he just picks and chooses from those sixty records to promote Korean claims, then I do not think it would be worth $60. Anyway, I will check it out in the next week or two. There are no big book stores in the city I am in, so I would have to go to Seoul, which I would enjoy.

    Yes, I am curious about that Samcheok Museum map, too.

  12. Gerry wrote;
    "I will try to go there this next weekend."

    Awesome !! I hope there would be some cheap reprica or postcard of the map.

    "As for the book, could it be the following?"

    I think that's the one...
    ( To Yabutarou: これですよね?) Anyway, it's really good to hear you can check before you decide to buy. $60 is not cheap if it is one of the propaganda-like books as always. Sorry, we really don't have enough information. It looks like Mr. Tanaka, the owner of Takeshima site asked half-moon to talk to Prof, Emeritus Naitou to give him a reccomendation so that he could get a picture of the map when he get there. But half-moon rejected his request, but he gave this uncertain information of the books to Mr.Tanaka instead.

    And, I can't wait Dokdo Museum would put more clear images of the maps on their website soon. There are some maps I'm really interested in.

  13. Oh, and thank you for going to Seoul for the book. I hope you have a good time there at least even if the book doesn't worth to buy.

  14. Kaneganese,

    Half-moon sounds like a real jerk who does not really want the truth known. In fact, I think most Dokdo advocates have been trying to hide the truth rather than search for it, which I consider to be shameful. The truth, however, cannot be hidden forever.

  15. Gerry,

    Thank you very much !

  16. Yabutarouさん



  17. You are welcome, Yabutarou. Actually, it is my pleasure. I think I want to see that Samcheok Museum map just as much as you do.

    By the way, I have a theory about that 小干島-大干島 map you have on your site that I will try to explain in a post later this week. When I do, I hope to get your opinion on it, as well as the opinions of other people on this forum. Do you know if any Japanese or Korean scholars have given their opinions on that map?

    Anyway, good night.

  18. Yabutarou,

    By the way, the Dokdo Museum page said that that 小干島-大干島 map had a products (土産物) list page with it, but I was unable to find it. Did you happen to find a products list that goes with that map?

  19. Kaneganese さん


    両地図というか、「三陟市立博物館 鬱陵島圖形」、「国立中央図書館 輿地圖」「国立中央図書館 靑邱圖」「国立中央博物館 東輿」「慶照大学 江源道図 鬱陵島」五つですよ。

  20. Gerry,

    Do you know if any Japanese or Korean scholars have given their opinions on that map?

    No , I know nothing besides the Dokdo Museum page information.

    Did you happen to find a products list that goes with that map?

    I cannot find too .

  21. In the commentary of the Korean language ,

    In the 鬱陵島圖形 , usando is jukdo .

    But There is not this part for an English commentary.


  22. Gerry,

    I asked Yabutarou what he actually want you to see and remember in the map when you get there. This is his reply.

    When you go to Samcheok and see the map「鬱陵島圖形」, please check the names and shapes of the islets around Jukdo when you cannot get the copy or photo. And when you go to Seoul and decide not to but the book, please check same thing in those 4 maps which are supposedly printed on the book.

    「国立中央図書館 輿地圖」
    「国立中央図書館 靑邱圖」
    「国立中央博物館 東輿」
    「慶照大学 江源道図 鬱陵島」

    Especially as for 「国立中央図書館 輿地圖」, what it really matters is if the shape of Usando is similar to Jukdo or not.

  23. Someone , please translate.
    yahoo bbsに投稿した文章です。



    2006年4月にオサンハク氏が書いた“The Change in Perception of Ulleungdo and Dokdo Represented in Maps of the Joseon Dynasty“なる論文を見つけました。この論文の韓国語の解説には「また鬱陵島の定期的な水土(?)が進行されながら朴昌錫の『鬱陵島図形』のような地図が製作されたが, 于山島を竹嶼に比定する間違いを犯したりした. 」とあります。ちなみにこの文章はなぜか英語の解説には書いてありません。
    ゲリー氏が鬱陵島圖形に「海長竹田」の文字があることを発見したことを山陰中央新報 が報じた時に、北東アジア歴史財団と独島博物館館長が反論しましたが、この論文に基づいて反論したものと推測できます。最近の鮮干博士の見解も同様でしょう。

  24. Hey, Can you guys tell me what this debate is about? I don't want to disturb you by intervening with unrelated information.

  25. anonymous,

    We are talking about old Korean maps of Ulleungdo. The key to the truth lies in these maps, because they clearly show what was Usando, the island Koreans have been made to believe to be Dokdo.
    We are just seeking for the truth.

  26. (Translation of Yaburarou's comment above. He's already commented same thing on Yahoo! BBS.)

    While searching Korean site as always, I found unbelievable thing.


    On this site, I found an article “The Change in Perception of Ulleungdo and Dokdo Represented in Maps of the Joseon Dynasty“ by O Sanhaku in 2004 April. The Korean explanation of this article says that " And while the periodical "水土(inspections?) " was going on, the maps like 朴昌錫's 『鬱陵島図形』 were made. But the author of the map made a mistake by placing(比定) Usand as Jukdo.". FYI, this sentence was not included in English explanation, strangely.

    In 2006 Nov, the member of Takeshima Research Group went to Korea and claimed that the Usando in Korean old maps is Jukdo, Korean academics hissed and shouted at the top of their voice against Japanese saying that it is not true. But afterall, they already knew that Usando in Korean old maps are Jukdo as a matter of fact. And Half-Moon is not the exception.

    When San-in Chuo Shinpo reported Gerry's finding about 「海長竹田」 in 鬱陵島圖形, NEHF and the head of Dokdo Museum refuted against him. I guess they argued on the basis of this article. The Dr. 鮮干's recent opinion probably shares this, too.

    I have had no idea that they were doing such a thing at the back. This is beyond my imagination..

  27. Hi anonymous !

    We were kind of doing off-topic thing, actually. Since Dokdo Museum put only tiny sumnails of old Koran maps on their site, we were discussing the method how to get a bigger ones.

  28. I'm sorry, but I don't think that one fact is worth being depressed. There are many other facts showing to which country Dok-do has belonged.

  29. I think I can find bigger map. The old one, you need, right?

  30. Anonymous,

    Actually, not just an "old" maps. Below are the maps we are looking for.

    「三陟市立博物館 鬱陵島圖形」
    「国立中央図書館 輿地圖」
    「国立中央図書館 靑邱圖」
    「国立中央博物館 東輿」
    「慶照大学 江源道図 鬱陵島」

    By the way, if you intend to keep commenting here, please use other tha anonymous, thanks.

  31. Okay, I made an ID.
    I was anonymous..
    By the way, who made those five maps you presented? Korean or Japanese?

  32. I'm sorry, now I see those Chinese character saying 'Sam-cheok'and 'Gang-won'...

  33. Carpediem,

    They are all Korean...We don't really know the author of the map.

  34. Kaneganese,

    I'm curious about the reason you are searching for those maps.
    Do they contain some valuable information?

  35. These days kyuujanggak maps site they re-write "Usando" is Jukdo these days from Usando is Dokdo?
    e.g 地乘(1776-1787)奎 15423 Usando is jukdo
    光輿圖  Usando may be jukdo.
    朝鮮地圖(1750-1768).(奎16030)Usando may be Jukdo.
    輿地圖 (古 4709-68〉Usando may be Jukdo.
      海東地圖 no discription about Usando is jukdo. 
    see the introduction in the right side bar. they said Usando is jukdo on the right side bar.

    As I remember that they hadn't discribed Usando is Jukdo on the map site. These days they changed the analasys that Usando is Jukdo on the map with silence though they longly knew Usando is Jukdo from the Essay that Yabutarou suggesed?

    And I want to read 鬱陵島事蹟, which half-moon opened only for 5 pages.I want to read after 5 pages.I guess the page 6 have some hint for maps.

    TO Yabatarou-san


  36. Carpediem,

    We don't really know yet. We just want to know what it says around Jukdo since we cannot get a clear picture of them.

  37. Kaneganese,

    Oh, I think I found kind of 與地圖.
    You may go to here, and check it out.


  38. GTOMRさん


  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Carpediem,

    Thank you, but it isn't the one we are looking for. But thank you, really.

    By the way, you can check the thumnails of the maps on each site, or Yabutarou's site here.

  41. GTOMRさん


  42. Kaneganese-san

  43. GTOMR wrote;

    "These days kyuujanggak maps site they re-write "Usando" is Jukdo these days from Usando is Dokdo?"
    When did they admitted and re-wrote that Usando is Jukdo even after Ahn's incident?

    By the way, if anyone who are interested in what Kyuujanggak of Seoul National University said before Gerry revealed Usando on 1711 map was Jukdo, check the print screen of their sitehere (Mr. 杉野洋明 = Nidanosuke's site). After a few months, they changed the sentence and admitted that this Usando is likely to be Jukdo as they now explains like other maps. I think Korean acadmics who fiercely accused Japanese researchers from Shimane should be ashamed of themselves and owe a huge apology to Prof. Shimojou and others.

  44. I guess they would newly rewrite on the kyuujanggak map site that the comment Usando is Jukdo on each introduction?
    As I remember there was no comment as follows in each maps that Usando may be Jukdo.

    Check those maps in Kyujanggak, there are two icon(button) on the upper right side.click right icon between two and they show the explanation of each maps.

    地乘(1776-1787)奎 15423 Usando may be Jukdo

    于山島 지명은 동해상의 獨島를 지칭한다는 것이 통설로 되어 있었으나 최근 울릉도 부속도서인 竹島라는 주장이 제기되었다.

    朝鮮地圖(1750-1768).(奎16030)Usando may be Jukdo.

    다만 울릉도 동쪽에 현재 죽도(댓섬)라는 제법 큰 섬이 있는데
    지도 오른쪽의 于山(島)이 그것을 가리키는 것이 아닌가 생각된다

    輿地圖 (古 4709-68〉Usando may be Jukdo.
    오른쪽에 있는 于山島는 여러 사람에 의해 현재의 獨島로 인식되기도 하지만 분명하지는 않다.
    울릉도 본 섬 주위에 있는 작은 섬 중 가장 큰 관음도나 죽도를 가리킬 수도 있기 때문이다.

    廣(光?)輿圖 no comment that Usando is Jukdoo.
    海東地圖.no comment about Usando is Jukdo

  45. GTOMRさん

    TO Yabatarou-san





  46. Yabutarouさん


    それはそうと、奎章閣サイトの記述、昨年の6月から変わっていたんですか? 1/20付のGerryの投稿Lies, Half-truths, & Dokdo Video, Maps 7にも、1711の鬱陵島図について于山島は独島だとサイトに書いてある、としていますし、上に紹介した2/24付の杉野(ニダの介)さんの所でも同じように書いてあります。GTOMRさんのリンク先とは同じ奎章閣でも場所が違うようなので、一方だけ書き変えていたんでしょうか。どちらにせよ、このように重要なことはもっと公式に発表して頂きたいものです。“秘密裏に”改変したと言われても仕方ないですよね。


  47. I guess these days it is more appearently be common that Usando is JUKDO,they cannot keep the propaganda of "Usando is Dokdo",so these days they revert the issue of Sambondo or Muryo from Usando.


  48. GTOMR,

    But Kim(金柄烈) still claims that Usando was Dokdo/Takeshima/Liancourt Rocks and I can't understand his explanations since he leap the logic. The only evidence he mentioned in the book was 『天下図帖』「江原道編」 and 「朝鮮八路地図」 which the book doesn't include and I can't find at all.

    I don't undrstand 鮮于's logic either. Do they both following 呉尚学(済州大学)'s logic or what? Does someone please explain what Korean academics started to claim about the relationship of 武稜島(Mulluendo) and Dokdo/Takeshima/Liancourt Rocks? Is it in the article by 呉尚学 at 済州大学 which Yabutarou showed us?

  49. Kaneganeseさん





  50. OK, I've re-read 金柄烈's book co-authored with Prof. Emeritus Naitou last night, and I realized whtat the sentence below really meant.
    "BTW even among Korean academics, there is different opinion. Prof.呉痒学 claims that we should be careful to consider Usando as Dokdo. Saying "But we need to be careful to consider Usando as Dokdo. Since if you see the various documents related to Usando after this, it doesn't necessarily match with the present Dokdo. Usando was not the excistant island in reality, but the imaginary island "" 呉痒学“The Change in Perception of Ulleungdo and Dokdo Represented in Maps of the Joseon Dynasty, Seoul National Museum, 2006
    “しかし、ここでの于山島を急いで独島に比定することには、慎重でなければならない。と言うのは、その後の于山島関連の諸記録をみると、必ずしも現在の独島とは符合しないからである。于山島は、現実世界に存在する島ではなく、伝聞を通して知られた想像上の島であった可能性がある。”」呉痒学「朝鮮時代地図に表現された鬱陵島.独島認識」『行きたい我が土地 独島』(ソウル国立中央博物館編,2006),191頁

    It reminds me of imaginary Argonaut. In addition, Ahn Yong Bok apparently considered Usando as an earthly paradise (桃源郷) in his statements. Korean on Ulleundo made an voyage to look for Usando to immigirate in early 1900s. But why Prof, Oh doesn't think Usando as Jukdo? I'd like to know what he wrote in his article.

    I thought "O Sanhaku"or "呉尚学" must be the same person as Prof. 呉痒学. From his article, the concept "Usando as imaginary island" has emerged and Korean academics like Dr.鮮于 and Prof. 金柄烈 started to claim "earthly paradise(桃源郷)" theory and they are collecting the usefule sentences from old documents to create new story. Oh, Dear...
    "呉尚学" は、呉痒学教授と同一人物でしょうね。なるほど、ここから桃源郷というコンセプトが生まれて、Yabutarouさんが言われたような、それに沿ったストーリーを各自作成中なんですね。やれやれ。

  51. Kaneganeseさん

    "呉尚学" は、呉痒学教授と同一人物でしょうね。




  52. FYI, there was a symposium titled "日韓領土問題をどう捉えるか(How do we understand the territorial issue between Japan and Korea?)"by 東洋文化研究所 of Tokyo University today. Prof. Emeritus Naitou and Mr.朴炳渉 a.k.a half-moon was invited to talk as a panelist. You can see them in the picture of the article below. From left to right, Mr.Park, Prof.Emeritus Naitou and Associate Professor 玄大松.



    そのうち、八道地図を見たことのある安龍福や新移民がやって来て中央政府による"百里先のどこかにある居住可能で肥沃な于山島"という曖昧で間違ったコンセプトを持ち込み、そのために島民が近くの竹嶼を于山島と認識しなくなり、どこか遠くにあるはずの島、と言う桃源郷的な発想をするようになったのだ、と言いたいんだと思います。でも、何故それが突然、韓国人が単独で渡航した形跡の全くない竹島/Liancourt Rocksになるのか、誰一人として明確な証拠を提示して説明していません。そもそも、桃源郷、といいだした時点で実際に竹島を見たことがない、と言うことが証明されているも同然ですけれど...さらに三峯島はおろか武稜島まで持ち出して...もはやお気の毒になってきます。まあ、韓国政府お墨付きの財団のお手並み拝見、と言ったところでしょうか。私としては彼等が于山島は独島だと強弁している限り自爆資料をどんどん公開してくれるので、一向に構わないのですが。

  53. Kaneganese さん


    朝鮮時代以前鬱陵島・独島地域の認識は鬱陵島 一島を中心に形成された.このような認識は 1402年に製作された 『混一彊里歴代国都地図』で確認して見られる.朝鮮前期には鬱陵島地域との接触が増加しながら鬱陵島と于山島 二島を中心に認識が形成された.このような認識は 『信証東国輿地勝覧』の付属である 『東覧図』でよく現われる.朝鮮後期で入って鬱陵島・独島認識に画期的な変化が起きた.17世紀末安竜福の渡日事件によって于山島が鬱陵島の東に位していて日本で呼ぶ松島という認識が確立された.このような認識は鄭尚括の 『東国地図』に表現されて後代の前途にずっとつながった.また鬱陵島の定期的な水土が進行されながら朴昌錫の 『鬱陵島図形』のような地図が製作されたが,于山島を竹嶼に比定する間違いを犯したりした.19世紀にも鬱陵島単独地図での認識が大縮尺の前途で続いたし,鄭尚括の 『東国地図』で確立された主類的認識は多くの前途でつながった.



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