"Lee, Bush to Discuss Dokdo"

By trying to take a more neutral stance by describing Liancourt Rocks as "undesignated sovereignty," it appears that the US Board of Geographic Names has created a situation in which the US is in danger of being dragged into the Korea-Japan dispute over the sovereignty of the rocks. "Lee, Bush to Discuss Dokdo"

However, a U.S. expert suggests that it is a bad idea for Korea to make a fuss about "Dokdo."
"The ROK is in possession of Dokdo and that will not change," Straub said, referring to South Korea's official name of the Republic of Korea. "The international community basically isn't even aware of the controversy between Japan and the ROK over Dokdo, much less engaged about it, and it is in the ROK's interests to keep it that way."

"Expert: S. Korea should ignore Dokdo claim"

As the US expert said, it is in South Korea's interests to keep the world unaware of "Dokdo" because if it becomes an international issue, there is a danger that the truth about Dokdo will come out, and the truth will not be on Korea's side. However, the gene that would allow Koreans to be able to ignore Japanese claims on "Dokdo" does not seem to be in Korean DNA.


  1. The "truth" of the matter, the conflicting historical and legal claims, is irrelevant. Japan has always wanted more international recognition of his stature as both a major financial contributor to leading international organizations and as non-military power. Tokyo continually comports itself as a responsible state, waiting for the payoff.

    The more petulantly ROK acts, the more it proves Tokyo's value as both a leading defender of international values and as an American ally. The UN and the US could very well reward Japan's prudence, and then ROK would lose even the chance to share whatever economic value the zone holds.

    In the end, though, I suspect Tokyo would keep the status quo and share the benefits of the zone, if only to prove further its bona fide credentials as a peaceful, responsible first-class world power.

  2. I wanted to add before that your poll should include another answer: "As Yet Undetermined". Or, something to the effect, that it's really an international issue, not one neither Japan nor ROK should decide unilaterally.

  3. Well, I'm in an opinion that, with the Japan's recent amendment of its educational manual for textbook publishers, Japan is leaving out the task of solving the territorial disputes with her neighboring countries to the next generations to come.

    Therefore, for the time being, the dispute over the Liancourt Rocks will remain status quo unless the war-loving reckless Koreans start a war against Japan over the Rocks.

  4. "Therefore, for the time being, the dispute over the Liancourt Rocks will remain status quo unless the war-loving reckless Koreans start a war against Japan over the Rocks."

    Hey Raquel!
    Go grow up and learn to be a little less biased and a little more objective, before you make such a stereotypical, absolutely narrow-minded and UNNECESSARY remark.

    and please don't start me up with the bullshit that I'm Korean so I MUST be starting an "argument" with you. If you're really unable to analyze things yourself, I will tel l you that I'm simply correcting your terrible debating skills just as a PERSON not as a KOREAN. (that's a start to being objective... look deeper into things, honey. I love Spain. Spain's done bad things... not judging you on what Spain's done. not YOUR fault; all politicians fuck up)

    bye bye.
    Hae Ju

  5. Hola Hae Ju,

    So, objectively speaking, what do you think the chances of the peace-loving thoughtful Koreans starting a war against Japan over the Rocks are in your unbiased opinion?


  6. Politically speaking,
    Korea is not strong enough to start a war with Japan and Korea has never started a war in the past... 100 years unless it was with each other.

    And, if you really do believe Koreans are warloving pricks, why don't you base it on some historical evidence rather than idiotic remarks made by powerless citizens on the internet?

    P.S. I liked how you replied with sarcasm. Touche.

  7. By the way Raquel,
    I just saw the link you posted up.
    I'm pretty sure that's not starting a war. It's peaceful protesting raising awareness on Korea's claim to Dokdo.
    If you understand Korean, I'm sure you an analyze it yourself... ACTUALLY even if you DON'T know Korean if you're worthy enough, you'd be able to figure out what the powerless citizens are doing.
    Thank you.

  8. Hola Hae Ju,

    Well, if you can't read Hangeul, you wouldn't know how funny this powerless citizen is even if you could figure out what he is doing in front of the Embassy of Japan in Seoul without understanding the language:


    Anyway, objectively speaking, I think that there are some possibilities that Korea will start a war against Japan over the Rocks sometime in the future.

    When? Only God knows when:


    The sentence "the world belittled our blooming ambitions" in the video clip above implies much about the Korean nation, and I'm afraid that it might lead the nation in a wrong direction under a wrong president.


    If you understand Korean, I'm sure you can analyze it yourself... ACTUALLY even if you DON'T know Korean if you're worthy enough, you'd be able to figure out what the powerless citizens are doing.

  9. Hi Raquel

    I just saw the link you mentioned about..one man in front of the Embassy of Japan..

    Dude you've got to be kidding me.

    Again this is just a peaceful protesting...and if you want me
    to translate the Hangul character
    , "Tae-guek-Man",....
    it just means...a guy who love his country, Korea.

    Who wouldn't love his/her own country? Do you hate your country?

  10. dh,

    I know the meaning of the word "태극맨".

    Don't you think it sounds funny?



    태극 = taegeuk 太極

    맨 = man (English word)

  11. Hello Raquel,
    There's a question you should answer before bringing up anymore bad evidence to support your theory about Koreans starting a war anytime soon.

    If I must, all your evidences are flawed a)because all your evidences are irrelevant since you're just overthinking the situations. Your assumptions are based on pictures that clearly show no violence which proves to us... that you exaggerated the situation in your head.
    b) I don't think you have any knowledge on the basis of Korea and Japan's political relationship; you're basing your theory on very bad evidence like that youtube video you posted there -- which is not even HARD evidence, meaning it's not historical. Somebody POWERLESS (speaking in the REAL sense when decisions can really be altered) made that video about PRIDE.

    So I have a series of questions to ask you since I stated ALLLLL the above in my posts before, but you still chose to ignore them and brought back a series of worse evidences proving yourself wrong.

    1. Have you ever considered Japan to be war-loving? If not,state your reasons and compare it to why Korea might be (since this is blog is about a dispute between Japan and Korea and obviously you are on "Japan's side". If this was a dispute between Korea and France, I'd ask you about France.)

    2. Tell me about the current political status of both Korea and Japan and their relationships POLITLICALLY.

    3. Have you ever lived in Korea? Japan? Had any friends Korean/Japanese?

    4. How old are you?

    By the way, don't bring in GOD into this situation because you're obviously trying to allude to somebody greater and bigger but God is not only anybody's side and GOD will think you're an idiot since you don't have the right evidences. GOD wants good evidences to see if this dispute is even worth thinking about. So Raquel, hit God with your best shot.

  12. Also Raquel, we all know our country is descending down the wrong direction. But even to support that, you have that ONE line from a crappy video clip. I agree with you on that statement, but why not support it with something along the lines of
    a) The whole country being so easily influenced by the media which gives them superficial, insecure, indecisive, and money-loving dispositions (although not everybody's like that. My grandparents aren't, and many others I have met. I'm generalizing since about 80% carry that disease. NOT saying they're bad people. Just have this certain flaw)
    b) these "qualities" have made bad decisions for the country (since objectively speaking the president and the political shits ruling our country have those qualities as well) -- Not being able to solve the problem of madcow disease, this Dokdo dispute, and the relationship with North Korea. That is because every decision make is based on political and economic aspects but really, they're digging a hole for themselves.
    c) Our economy is going down the drain
    d) Our citizens do not trust the politicians since they're doing such a crappy job -- but that's the problem since we need our country atleast united to compromise these issues
    e) Education is fucked up since they not only can't think logically and carry eveyrthing based on emotion, but also it's a systematic memorization of everything -- this is I BELIEVE the reason why the suicidal rate is increasing every year in Korea because they don't know the way to find the answer themselves. If there is no given answer like how it ALWAYS used to be for them, they think they've reached the end in LIFE.

    So Raquel, maybe this will help you support your theory in why Korea is going down the drain. I am fully aware of what a rut my country is in but the one hope I have is that we will get past this somehow since we have in history with even worse leaders and after this, our country will reform mentally as people. That's the only way a country can really thrive.

  13. Hola Hae Ju,

    First of all, take it easy.

    I would just like to point out that your interpretation of my phrase "sometime in the future" is completely out of its context.
    I don't think anybody here can understand how you have misinterpreted it to be "anytime soon" instead.

    Anyway, I'm not replying to your irrelevant questions concerning my privacy here.

    Now, to begin with, I admit that your agreeing with me on the statement in that video clip shows something positive and sincere about yourself as a person, but again you did not understand what I meant by it. I simply meant that it is a national feeling held by many Koreans.

    I was saying that, when a country feels that it has been belittled by other nations or, as the Korean video clip says, by the world, as it happened to Germany, for example, after the Treaty of Versailles, it could make the country to be revengeful and war-loving. So, there is no overthinking in what I said:


    Watch this video clip and pay attention to the map of "Corea in 2040" that will apear after one minute from the start in the clip. As it shows, one way to get over being belittled in the wrong direction is to become war-loving and bigger.

    On the other hand, as far as I know, Japan has no such territorial ambitions even as a joke.

  14. Anonymous2/8/08 02:26

    Ahn-Nyung('Hola' en Coreano) Raquel

    Every individual has the natural to think what he/she wants to think and therefore I would not pass strictures on your childish behavior.



    I admit that some Korean people have hatred towards Japanese people. But what you need to understand is that not every Korean person dislikes Japanese people and as a matter of fact many Japanese do hate Korean people. (Again, not all Japanese hate Korean people.)

    By the way I am Korean guy living in Canada and getting maried soon with my Japanese fiancee.

  15. Daniel 안녕,

    If you want foreigners to know the correct pronunciation of "안녕", I think you should type "an-nyeong" in its romanization.

    Anyway, speaking of hatred, I'm quite familiar with the Korean hatred in general toward Japan and the Japanese, but I don't know much about the Japanese hatred in general toward the Korean residents in Japan.

    It looks like some (if not many) of the Korean residents are perceived as troublemakers in Japan, and, although I don't approve it, it is quite understandable that the Korean residents who keep holding their 'ressentiment' against Japan where they make a living from and who at the same time are ardent nationalists of either South or North are hated by some Japanese.

    Besides, there are unfortunately not few Koreans who themselves are fueling the Japanese hatred toward their people in Japan as the case of a Korean in Osaka:



    As a matter of fact many Japanese do hate Korean people. (Again, not all Japanese hate Korean people.)

  16. Dear Raquel,
    don't worry about me being angry.
    I'm not too stupid to fuss over a person who only sees one side of the paper regarding this issue - not just Dokdo but the issue of Korean and Japanese relationship.

    As for the questions.
    1. Have you ever considered Japan to be war-loving? If not,state your reasons and compare it to why Korea might be (since this is blog is about a dispute between Japan and Korea and obviously you are on "Japan's side". If this was a dispute between Korea and France, I'd ask you about France.)

    2. Tell me about the current political status of both Korea and Japan and their relationships POLITLICALLY.

    3. Have you ever lived in Korea? Japan? Had any friends Korean/Japanese?

    4. How old are you?

    The first two you failed to answer, and they are not irrelevant. I am trying to see whether I am even wasting my time debating with a "credible" source. I'm giving you an opportunity to be credible. The reason why I might fail to think so IS because you are clearly open and in love with Japanese culture but you fail to even see the good side of Korean culture -- the way you demean it every time I try to justify it. Not only so, you have not even considered the fact that there are many Japanese people also who terrorize Koreans like Koreans do to Japanese. It would be narrowminded and foolish of you to generalize a country based on people like that-- every country has people like that. I have stated Korea's flaws for many reasons- to prove to you that I am arguing over this issue of humanity itself in a less biased way. Maybe so since I am Korean, it is impossible for me to be absolutely objective but I don't think you're at all looking at both sides of the paper.

    As for the irrelevant questions, it was a mockery trying to figure out, again whether you know both sides of the paper. I don't actually want answers, it's a rhetorical question to mock your inability to see Korea's point of view even in the least bit.

    As for Japanese people hating Koreans, it's definitly reasonable.
    For Koreans hating Japanese people, it's reasonable also. It's the same reason why Vietnamese and Chinese people despise Japan so much. They have not apologized for their crimes in the past yet are arguing over it and trying to redeem themselves while Germany, although they have brought such atrocities have tried their best to learn from it. We say this and we hate Japan as a country for this, but when we meet people individually we do not use this generalization and instilled assumption to attack anybody. There may be a few exceptions, but there have been a few exceptions also in Japanese cases.

    Not only so, I have seen many Japanese people on youtube and other internet sites and irrationally make unnecessary remarks that are prejudice and obviously narrow-minded. I'm sure you don't know the whole population of Japan and there are many that despise Koreans for rational reasons but there are also those who have hatred for irrational reasons.

    "I would just like to point out that your interpretation of my phrase "sometime in the future" is completely out of its context.
    I don't think anybody here can understand how you have misinterpreted it to be "anytime soon" instead." -- that's what you said.

    I never said it was anytime soon; I'm saying that if it's sometime in the future it's even more irrelevant because it is possible for ANY country to start a war on ANY country on ANYTHING sometime in the future. Vague comments like that don't support your theory, thus irrelevant. Also, you claim that Korea might become or is war-loving like how Germany became, but you are not considering the different state and the time period of the two different matters. A) Germany had just had war and been through a devastating period when the people were most vulnerable; B) The 20th century itself was the time when our midieval mindsets clashed with advancement in technology. After this glitch in history, that's how reform in mindset came to be. You did not consider the differences and the recent history of war in Korea. If you say this, Japan is even more possible of war since only about 60 years ago Japan was going around creating its Greater sphere of east asian co-existence and conquering all the countries in Asia. You not only have blocked THAT fact which might be a better evidence to prove that Japan is more war-loving than Korea (but I am saying this is true). There are MANY people that are nationalistic in Japan as well as Korea; AND other countries around the world. You cannot try to make a big theory like that by using the idea of nationalism since that again is very vague.

    Your theory on Korea starting a war against Japan is so flawed in many ways -- your lack of credible evidence (history, also the evidence that you base this theory on is so vague and applies to Japan and other countries as well so does not differentiate Korea from other countries), your lack of knowledge on the political, economic, and REALISTIC factors of Korea currently and how the politicians might consider how it will affect not only the international relations but also the country itself (Even if they are morons, they know that they have no chance against Japan not only since USA has Japan's back but because of Japan's advancement in technology).

    I'm debating against your theory of Korea starting a war against Japan not only because you're demeaning the whole population of my country but also it is just not realistic at all. There are also other factors that are in need, not only the Dokdo/ Takeshima dispute (if you know much about Korea, maybe you'll know them. and if you do know them and you still believe in your theory...then.... )

    To be honest, I'm wasting my time debating with you on the internet not because I care so much about my country and I want a petty person on the net to love my country - I don't give a shit. I'm doing this because you're everything you're worried Korea's becoming. You're not nationalistic about Japan since you're not Japanese, but you are definitly close-minded about Koreans as were Germans and other Europeans to Jews. You are that midieval minded person who finds little details to steam up your hatred toward one group of people. I hate to use Germans as an example as there is such a thing as crossing the line (I am crossing the line, I'm sorry) but you have used Koreans to describe Germans so I'm using that analogy as a response. You sound very civilized, but all of the evidence and all the statements you're supporting are empty and dangerous when regarding humanity. You say that you are worried Korea will descend to the wrong path;I'm worried that there are even people that will descend to the wrong path of humanity -- most of the comments on this blog itself is demeaning Koreans as people. When anybody makes narrow-minded prejudice and generalizations they are not only uneducated but also dangerous. You have shown all the qualities that the people back in WWII era have -- treating every bit of Korean as inferior, being irrational about it, and not considering the flaws in yourself. I'm not even talking about the Dokdo dispute and I never was.

    I hope you become a little more openminded since I can tell, the more I talk to you the more you are civilized, polite, and passionate. I'm sure you're a great individual, and hopefully it doesn't sound like I'm preaching.

  17. rape case by a Korean living in Japan

    The criminal raped 18 women from 12 years old to 24 years old in one year.

    It causes a rape case than 20 cases in the past.

    Many Koreans rape a Japanese in Japan.

    In addition, robbery or many of brutal crimes such as the murder are performed by a Korean

    This is from the youtube video that you linked. Objectively speaking, do you think this is the right way to handle the situation? Make generalizations that these brutal acts are peformed by a Korean? this is pure brainwashing and absolutely dangerous. I'm not saying that what the Korean did was right, I'm saying they use this event to generalize and steam up their hatred.

    Also, what if a Japanese person raped another Japanese person like that Korean did? Is it okay then?
    Whoever that person was,he/she failed to look at rape itself as a crime but focused on the rapist being KOREAN.

    And by the way, these types of things are one of the things I call "exception".

  18. and SORRY.
    on the first comment,
    (but I am saying this is true) about Japanese being war-loving,
    I meant to say but I am NOT saying this is true.

  19. Hae Jue,

    "Make generalizations that these brutal acts are peformed by a Korean?"

    I don't think making generalizations is right in any way, and Korean keeping one of the most frequently arrested foreigners in Japan for a long time and more than 200 Korean criminals detained in Japanese prison currentrly has little to do with Takeshima/Dokdo issue.

    But almost all Korean never stop accusing Japanese incorporation of Takeshima in 1905 as a stepstone of Japanese invasion, which is not true and demonizing Japanese and whose acts on Ulleungdo almost 100 years ago. This is the reality we are facing on this blog.

    Look, we have to hear Korean crime in our country almost 2-3 days a week on the news, unfortunately. And as you know, there are so many Korean gang of pickpockets, Korean women working in brothels and Korean men in host clubs. This is another reality Japanese are facing in Japan.

    I know most Korean are just a innocent visitor to Japan. However, I think if Korean doesn't want to be generalized as a criminal offenders by Japanese, they should stop demonizing Japanese and whose acts 100 years ago eccessively and using "victim card" on this issue.

    When it comes to Takeshima, the offender is Korea who invaded Japanese territory by using force in 1952 and still keep illegaly occupying it.

  20. Hola Hae Ju,

    Since our correspondences are getting too long in length to follow, I will respond point by point by limiting to key points to your lengthy postings which don't actually offer any new opinions except the typical Korean blah blah blah on the issue of humanity and history related to Korea and Japan in particular.

    - It's the same reason why Vietnamese and Chinese people despise Japan so much.

    I wonder if you are saying this knowing that Korea is more hated in most Asian countries than Japan is. In China at least, Korea is the most hated country and Japan is the third most liked country according to a recent poll.

    In addition, Chinese are traditionally known to have despised and looked down on Koreans, but I don't know if Chinese had a similar attitude toward Japanese.

  21. Everyone, please try to stay on the topic of the Dokdo/Takeshima rather than debate rather Japan or Korea is hated more. That is irrelevent to our debate here.

  22. Hello Raquel,
    no matter what you say
    you still fail to answer the questions. If you really think they're limited why are you unable to or atleast not answering them?

    Also, why don't you give me the website to the recent poll so i can actually believe you?

    Have you ever lived in China?
    I'm living in China right now for my 8th year and ofcourse Chinese people hate Koreans but you don't know how much they hate Japanese.
    That's not even the point. My point wasn't even that we hate Japanese. My point was the history part. If you actually even paid attention to the important information.

    And Kanaganese,
    I don't know much about the issue on Korean crimes in Japan and I do believe you if it was true.
    "However, I think if Korean doesn't want to be generalized as a criminal offenders by Japanese, they should stop demonizing Japanese and whose acts 100 years ago eccessively and using "victim card" on this issue."
    Koreans in general - mostly the young and the very very old who experienced whatever they experienced back then are pretty much the only ones that "demonize" Japan ON WHAT HAPPENED 100 YEARS AGO. I capitalized that to show you that Koreans respect Japan in every other aspect besides our history and the reason why IS because Japan has never officially apologized and THAT is proven. I thought Koreans were unreasonable and they still are when it comes to making nasty remarks and Kanaganese, you should know because on your OTHER blog where juuno said shit, I criticized her as well. But, even though Koreans are over-emotional and stupid when it comes to handling these situations, they do have a point and it would be more wise if any of you judged them on the point they're trying to state rather than all the other stupid shit they're saying. (ofcourse that's extremely hard since I too couldn't on Raquel's comment)

    And Raquel, don't go around saying blahblahblah humanity thing because I wouldn't have even started posting comments on this blog if it wasn't for your comment. Your insensitivity and immaturity to handle whatever I said doesn't prove much about you. And also, if they're the typical opinions why have you not even considered listening for once? It's also very important in debating ;)

    Gerry Bever,
    I'm not going to write on here anymore so they'll be all on topic now and it didn't start off this way and I still am not trying to prove that point. But doesn't matter any more!

    Still everyone, keep me posted.
    I am dying to hear what you have to say about everything.

  23. and Kaneganese,
    my name is hae ju.
    no e.

  24. Hola Hae Ju,

    Here is an article from a Korean newspaper:


    Do you have any idea why Korea is more hated than Japan is in China?

    In addition, We all know that China has a long history of despising and looking down on Koreans.

    By putting aside your typical Korean blah blah blah, just think with an open mind why Korea is actually more hated and despised than Japan is in most Asian countries including Vietnam and China.

  25. Here:


  26. Sorry Gerry Bever
    We will be on topic from now on.

    I didn't say Koreans were open-minded
    and didn't I say that the hatred wasn't the point? Thanks for pointing out my little mistake there, I'll watch it. and thanks for proving your point. Now I know something new.

    Maybe you should try listening to my statement about making unnecessary remarks about ANYBODY not just Koreans.and I told you that I said that as a PERSON not as a KOREAN, if you can decipher that meaning then you'd understand. I don't think Koreans have that belief since they themselves make stupid remarks. If you don't want to listen, well then that's not my problem.

  27. Hi Hae Ju,

    So, not as a Korean but as a person who can understand the Korean language, tell me what the following newspaper article is trying to say to its readers who are mostly Koreans:


    Do you find, for example, any peace-loving message by implication in the article?

  28. Can you copy and paste the article
    beacuse the link says it's forbidden

  29. Here is the article in the Chosun Ilbo from July 29, 2008:

    [만물상] 차세대 소총

    월남전 전투에서 한 명 사살에 쓰인 총알은 2만5000~3만 발이었다. 2차대전 때는 한 명당 5만 발 이상이었다. 병사들이 공포에 질려 훈련 때처럼 조준을 못하기 때문이었다. 명중률 높은 차세대 소총 개발이 세계 각국 숙제였다. 독일 무기제작사 HK는 1990년대 초 G11 무(無)탄피 소총을 개발했다. 노리쇠가 한 발을 발사하고 뒤로 물러나 탄피를 배출하고 다시 총탄을 장전하는 방식이 아니라, 탄피 없는 총알 3발을 한꺼번에 쏘는 신개념 총이었다. 그러나 제작비용이 너무 비싸 묻혀 버렸다.

    러시아에선 1994년 방아쇠를 한 번 당기면 총알이 2발씩 나가고 1분에 1800발까지 쏠 수 있는 소총 AN-94가 개발됐다. 세계 최고 소총으로 평가받았던 AK-47의 최고 발사속도는 분당 600발이다. AK가 제작자 칼라슈니코프가 만든 자동(Auto) 소총이라는 뜻인 것처럼, AN-94에도 제작자 니코노코의 이름을 넣었다.

    1986년 미국 보병학교에서 총탄을 쏘아 적의 머리 위에서 터지게 하면 기존 소총보다 살상률이 높아진다는 논문이 나온 뒤 미국은 이 방식의 총기 개발에 몰두했다. ATK사는 2002년 5.56㎜ 소총에 20㎜ 유탄발사기를 결합한 XM-29를 제작했다. 레이저로 사(射)거리를 측정한 뒤 발사한 총탄이 창문을 뚫고 들어가 목표물 2m 상공에서 터지게 했다. 그러나 공중 폭발탄 성능이 떨어져 사업이 중단됐다. 스웨덴과 싱가포르도 비슷한 소총 개발에 착수해 아직 성공하지 못했다.

    국방과학연구소도 이 방식의 소총이 우리 지형에 맞는다고 보고 2000년 '차기 복합형 소총' 연구를 시작했다. 이 차세대 소총 개발이 성공해 내년에 실전 배치한다는 소식이다. 국산 K2 소총에 20㎜ 유탄발사기를 결합한 것은 XM-29와 같은 방식이지만, 총탄이 목표물 상공에서 터지게 하는 기술이 다르다. 소프트웨어가 장치된 공중 폭발탄이 회전 수에 따라 목표물까지 거리를 자동 계산한 뒤 목표물 상공 3~4m 위에서 폭발하게 했다.

    우리 연구진과 방산업체들이 8년간 밤을 지새운 노력에 뛰어난 IT기술을 보태 선진국도 이루지 못한 성공을 일궈냈다. 개인 화기(火器)의 개념과 역사를 한꺼번에 바꾼 쾌거이자, 새 무기시장에 대한 주도권 선점이다. 대량 수출 길도 내다보인다. 국민들의 관심과 정책적 배려가 뒷받침돼 우리 신무기가 세계적 명품으로 도약하길 기대한다.


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    "국민들의 관심과 정책적 배려가 뒷받침돼 우리 신무기가 세계적 명품으로 도약하길 기대한다"



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