1953 American map made by the National Geographic Society

This is a map called "China Coast and Korea" which was published in Washington, October 1953. It was compiled and drawn in the Cartographic Section of the National Geographic Society for The National Geographic Magazine. It was published 22 months after Korea's Rhee Syngmann drew the line, Rhee Syngmann Line, which included Liancourt Rocks (Dokdo) in Korean territory. However, American people didn't change the name of Takeshima to the Korean name.

Ulleungdo was labeled as "Ullung Do (Dagelet)" with place names "Chang-dong" and "To-dong", "Namyang-dong". And there is a credit in red "Korea" under the name of "Ullung Do (Dagelet)", while Liancourt Rocks were labeled as "Take Shima (Liancourt Rocks)", not in Korean name.

USA thought that Liancourt Rocks belonged to Japan, as you can see the following letter which was sent in July 1953 - three months before the above map was made:

And in 1954 Van Fleet also reported that Liancourt Rocks remained under Japanese sovereignty:


  1. Anonymous20/7/08 07:18

    Japan's Shogunate declared Dokdo(Takeshima)-Ulleungdo (竹シマ) as Korean land in 1696.

    Japan's Shogunate again declared Dokdo(Takeshima)-Ulleungdo (竹シマ) as Korean land in 1837 and executed Japanese for trespassing on Ulleungdo.

    Japan Meiji Government once again declared Dokdo(Takeshima)-Ulleungdo (竹シマ) as Chosun land in 1883 and forcibly removed the Japanese trespassers on Ulleungdo.


    Your ancestors were cheaters.

    This map is the result of your ancestor's dirty cheating to other countries.

    Stop cheating other countries.

  2. Anonymous20/7/08 09:30

    Another fine example of "emotional logic" from a Korean. If anyone wants to know about Koreans lying about Japan just read Hendrick Hamel's journal on Korea. What was true in the 1600's is just as true today. Koreans will never change. They are a nation of liars. The only difference today is that if you find out about their lies they can't keep you locked up in their country (on pain of death if caught escaping) like they did with Mr. Hamel.

  3. anonymous

    If you want us to take what you says seriously, please use ID from next time, oterwise, I will not make comments on what you write.

    First of all, Lee Dynasty did admitted Japan's ownership of Ulleungdo in their official letter. But when Tsushima clan required them to relinquish Choson's sovereignty over Ulleungdo, she refused. Shogunate avoided futher conflicts and banned Tottori clan and Ohya & Murakawa families to travel to Ullengdo, not today's Takeshima. Choson government didn't even mention about today's Takeshima/Dokdo, since nobody except 張漢相, who inspected Ullengdo in 1964 and technically reported Usando was Jukdo and today's Takeshima is not their territory, knew about the existance of Takeshima/Liancourt Rocks/Dokdo. This is the only documentation which possibly indicate today's Takeshima/Dokdo in old Korean documents including maps before Japan incorporated into Shimane prefecture in 1905.

    Secondary, in 1837, Shogunate banned its' people nationwide to travel to Ullengdo. But again, Matsushima, today's Takeshima/Dokdo, were not even mentioned in its order.

    Lastly, in 1883, Lee dynasty asked Japanese government to bring Japanese on Ullengdo back, but as everyone know, there were no human beings on today's Takeshima/Dokdo and the island was still unknown to Choson people. There were no mention about Takeshima/Liancourt Rocks on both country's document.

    Before that, in 1881, Kitazawa, the MOFA official, investigated the confused situation and concluded that "Matsushima" was Ulleungdo and the island that was being called "Takeshima" was Ulleungdo's neighboring island of Jukdo, which is about two kilometers off Ulleungdo's northeast shore. He said that the two islands (Ulleungdo and Jukdo, not Takeshima/Dokdo)were not Japanese territory. In the end, the "Takeshima and another island " which Japanese government renounced in 1877, were confirmed to be Ulleungdo and Jukdo afterall.

    Finally, Meiji government officially incorporated Takeshima into Shimane in 1905 and installed watchtower on the island. If Korean really knew about Takeshima/Dokdo and reguraly travelling to the island, why they didn't even notice Japanese activity until 1906, when Japanese offcials from Shimane visited Ullengdo and told Shim, the head of the island, that it became Japanese territory? Moreover, Japanese were building huts and hunting sealions at least from 1903. Even some Koren were hired by those Japanese. Apparently, Korean didn't have effective control over the island.

    In 1906, Korean Interior Ministry officially answered to Japanese official in it's letter that Ulleungdo county's circumference is 200 ris, which is 80 km, and literally admitted that today's Takeshma/Dokdo was not their territory.

    Korean have been keep misunderstading Usando and Japanese Matsushima, today's Takeshima/Liancourt Rocks/Dokdo are same island for more than 400 years !!!. Maybe, it was just a innocent mistake, but 崔南善 apparently considered they can use this confused situation and grab the island from Japan in 1950s.

    Since then, innocent Korean people were made to believe that Usando was today's Takeshima/Dokdo by its own government accordance with academics. Some scholars started to admit Usando was Jukdo, partially though.

    I honestly hope Korean government have guts to admit their mistake for 400 years and stop lying to their people and Japanese. They must stop inflaming their kids' ethno-hatred against Japan. To this day, everybody on the earth started to recognize that Korean behaviour are irrational. Korean were the most disliked in China last year's survey. Korean believe Japan were hated by Asian, but actually, Japan has been recognized worldwide one of the most reliable country by BBC survey in three years in a row.

    Now, it is Korean's own choice if they still indulge in "Japanese are the aggressor and we are always the victim" emotion and be used their sentiment by its goevernment to lift up popularity, or see the fact that it was actually Korean who grabbed the island and killed or severly injured many Japanese innocent fishermen.

  4. Anonymous20/7/08 12:12

    独島にしばらく立ち寄った行ったと言って自分たちの領土になるか。韓国を無力で強制侵略した日本、それでは韓国も日本領土か。 一部誤れた歴史観を持った日本人のため韓日関係がもっと悪くなっている。歴史を忘れた民族は必ずその歴史を繰り返すようになっている。政府が先立って誤った歴史観を日本、自ら恥ずかしい事なのを自覚してほしい。

  5. monetさん








  6. Anonymous20/7/08 16:35

    Kanganese are you spreading your lies again?

    In 1695 the Shogunate clearly excluded Takeshima and Matshima from Japanese territory following the Anyongbok incident. Ulleungdo and Dokdo were not part of the prefectures from which all Japanese voyages originated from.


    In 1837 during the Takeshima Incident the map presented during the dispute showed both Ulleungdo and Dokdo as Korean land coloured in red.


    No less than three times the Japanese government demanded her own citizens stay off of Korea's Ulleungdo Island. However, the Japanese kept invading Ulleungdo Island.

    How does Japan's invasion of Ulleungdo relate to Dokdo Takeshima

    Kaneganese, the "huts" you were talking about were built by Japanese who were squatting on Korea's Ulleungdo and sealing on Liancourt Rocks from their illegal homes on Ulleungdo. The trespassed on Ulleungdo and only visited Liancourt Rocks for a short time because the island was barren and had no water. They couldn't voyage 300kms return from Japan to Liancourt Rocks at this time. In fact, when Japan incorporated Liancourt Rocks there were no maintained Japanese structures on the island at all as recorded by the Tsushima's November logbooks.

    Korea demanded these illegal Japanese on Ulleungdo be removed from her territory however Japan's Foreign Minister Hayashi Gonsuke refused and instead illegally installed Japanese police there. Kaneganese, do you know why Shim Heung Take didn't argue with the Japanese? Chosun documents on the following link record the Korean governors were scared for their own safety on Ulleungdo. The Japanese on Ulleungdo were violent, illiterate and very brutal. Please read.


    Kaneganese, it is you who is spreading hate toward Japan. Everbody on this forum can now see how greedy Japan is to try to grab more territory even though you try to paint Korea as bad.

    This is the current boundary between Korea and Japan. We can see there is enough ocean between the countries for everyone.


    But that is not enough for greedy right wing lobbyists like Kaneganese who lobbies for Shimame Prefecture and Japan's MOFA.

    Here is what greedy Japan demands.


    Shame on you Kaneganese for supporting Japan's shameless land grab!!

  7. Anonymous20/7/08 16:53

    토론에 있어서 감정적인 대응은 자신의 입지를 좁게 만들고, 한국인의 평판을 떨어트리는 결과를 가져옵니다.

    현재의 글이 자신의 생각과 전혀 부합되지 않는다고 하더라도, 욕설이나 비방은 금지해 주시기 바랍니다.

    먼저, 다른 글들을 찾아서 충분히 읽어보시고, 좋은 자료와 견해를 확실히 확보하신 후에, 댓글을 달지 않아도 늦지 않습니다.

    이미 많은 사람들이 일본인의 거짓말을 알고 있습니다. 거짓말에 너무 감정적으로 대응하지 마시고, 그 거짓말을 뒤집을 수 있는 증거와 논리를 찾아서 댓글을 달아 주시기 바랍니다.

    독도 문제에 관심을 가져주신 당신은 멋지고 아름다운 분이십니다.

  8. Anonymous20/7/08 17:37

    The only greedy land grab is the one perpetrated by Korea. It's really no different from the land grab attempted by Argentina on the Falklands and we all know how that turned out. Unfortunately, Korea will continue to lie about Japan just as they lied to Hendrick Hamel over 300 years ago. In the end Hendrick Hamel found out the truth by escaping that wretched country and sailing to Japan. Mr. Hamel's journal shows us that the Korean proclivity to spread lies about Japan goes back to at least the 1600s. In any event, I have yet to see one Korean map predating any Japanese map which shows Takeshima correctly drawn and situated in the Sea of Japan.

  9. Anonymous20/7/08 18:03

    Look at the current map above HH.

    Why is Korea's claim "greedy"?

    The boundary is about half way and each country gets an almost equal share of the sea.

    What the Hell does Hendrick Hamel's book and the Falklands have to do with this??

    Stick the with tour kid

  10. Anonymous20/7/08 19:00

    Korea's claim is greedy because they don't have a viable claim to Takeshima. Just because my yard is smaller and a neighbor has a larger yard doesn't mean that I can just seize a portion of my neighbor's yard and add it to my yard to make things "equal". The Falklands analogy is very apt because the distance from the nearest British territory to the Falklands is considerably greater (at 580+ miles) than the Falklands are from the coast of Argentina (at 300 miles). Now it might seem fair that since Argentina is closer to the Falklands that Argentina should take possession of it. And indeed that is what the Argentines believed and attempted to do. But instead of going through an international court Britain decided that it would fight for the Falklands. And so we end up with a little tiff called the Falklands war. Hendrick Hamel is of course instructive in showing that the animosity Korea had for Japan and the willingness to spread lies about Japan begin well before Japan began its colonial endeavors in the 1800s. All Korean writings concerning Japan dating back to the 1600s then become suspect. On the other hand I have yet to read anywhere of Japan telling lies about Korea to the Portuguese or the Dutch or preventing foreigners from visiting Korea during the Edo period.

  11. Steve,

    Don't spread the misleading story. The map of Tottori Prefecture in your site clearly depicted Takeshima and matsushima along with Oki islands, which clearly means Japanese knew both of the islands well in the Edo period.

    On the other hand, are there any Korean maps that depicted Liancourt Rcoks in the same period?
    Korean people didn't know Liancourt Rocks in those days.

    The shogunate only inhibited to make a voyage to Ulleungdo (Takeshima) after the first dispute in the 1690's but they didn't inhibit to go to Matsushima (Liancourt Rocks).

    And they knew there were two islands -Takeshima and Matsushima beyond Oki islands in the Sea of Japan. But Korean people didn't know about the details (distance, direction etc) of Matsushima (Liancourt Rocks).

    As their Usando was not Liancourt Rocks, as we've reppeatedly shown you, it is apparent that there is no proper right for Korea to claim Liancort Rcoks.

  12. Anonymous20/7/08 22:13

    HH you are being absurd. You state Korea doesn't have the right to seize someone else's territory yet you support Japan's claim to Liancourt Rocks that was obviously an inseperable part of Japan's colonization of Korea. The Falkland Islands was an island dispute. The fate of the Falklands has nothing to do with what will be determine the boundary between the U.K. and Argentina. They aren't even neighbours. Stop comparing apples to oranges HH.

    I've heard numerous territorial dispute precedents cited by many legal expert on the issue of Dokdo Takeshima never once have I ever heard anyone say the Falkland Islands are related

    Pacifist, Japan knew of Ulleungdo and Takeshima. In fact in 1695 they clearly excluded the islets from Japanese territory.


    Again they declared the islands not part of Japan in 1837


    Now that I've shown above how greedy Japan is are going to scurry back to the tired old Usando isn't Dokdo song and dance, Pacifist.

    If Japan can't justify their claim to Dokdo in a modern context they'll never muster public support.

  13. Anonymous20/7/08 22:32

    I warned the Japanese right wing nutbars to stop bothering Korea about Dokdo!!

    Now it appears the Koreans are going to make Dokdo inhabitable!!! Isn't this great news. They want to open the islands for freer access and maybe open a hotel there. I can't wait to go.

    Y'know Pacifist, if Korea makes Dokdo inhabitable they can extend their EEZ even closer to Japan perhaps 80kms to Japan's front door. Then Japan and Korea can be closer friends.

    Japan should have left the Koreans alone and agreed on the current fair border.



  14. Every one, please refrain from using dirty words. Let's speak in a gentleman manner.

    Steve, stop mislead the readers. Even if Korea made it inhabitable, ownership won't be theirs because the occupation by Koreans was interantionally admitted as illegal, as seen in the Van Fleet's report: "Unilateral proclamation of sovereignty over the seas (Syngman Rhee line) is illegal".

    Under international law, Korea should find the evidence that she had controlled Liancourt Rocks before Japan did, or she must apologise to Japan and buy the ownership from Japan, or go to the ICJ and win in the court if she wants to get the real ownership, but it won't be possible.

  15. Anonymous21/7/08 10:05

    To Korean,


  16. Anonymous21/7/08 10:43

    To korean,


  17. Anonymous21/7/08 15:12


    your utter ignorance of your own country's history, or your deliberate blindess, is causing you to make some ridiculous analogies.

    consider your story on hendrick hamel. you state that koreans have been wrongly, emotionally, and blindly blaming japan for everything, even from the 1600s, 300 years before the most recent japanese colonial period as you state.

    yet you fail to recognize that the 19th and 20th Centuries are not the first time barbaric japanese militarist aggression threw its curse on korea and asia. japan made massive invasions of korea in the 1590s-early 1600s. during the hideyoshi invasions, hundreds of thousands of japanese barbarian soldiers committed genocide, mass rape, and literally burned every structure to the ground. why don't you visit seoul and go to the royal palace; everything is a recreation given that every original structure was burnt to ashes by your country's historic militarism. only guerrilla warfare and naval defeats forced your ancestors out of our land. why does it surprise you that koreans were bad-mouthing japan to hamel in the 1600s?

    you speak of koreans reacting emotionally, but tell me, how many times did koreans initiate invasions of japan? the only record is during the mongol invasions when subjugated koreans were conscripted to sail to japan. and even then, the conscripted korean commanders deliberately had their ships sunk by tricking the mongol flotilla to embark during the tsunami season. we sacrificed ourselves to spare our japanese pupils from invasion and occupation, yet your society fails to recognize this and give credit to "divine wind."

    if koreans or anyone committed a fraction of the transgressions your culture has perpetrated on our parents and grandparents, i guarantee you that your society will go blind with rage and cry out for war. but maybe this is what you want. your frequent allusions to the falkland islands war and on "how things turned out" smacks of militaristic jingoism that other western militaristic societies were founded on--societies in which people pretend to be decent, logical and righteous on the outside but are violent devils inside. no wonder why the rest of asia is still concerned about japan's behavior. it is not because of their need to blame others, but because of arrogant people like you.

  18. koreanfuego,


    your utter ignorance of your own country's history, or your deliberate blindess, is causing you to make some ridiculous analogies.

    consider your story on hendrick hamel. you state that koreans have been wrongly, emotionally, and blindly blaming japan for everything, even from the 1600s, 300 years before the most recent japanese colonial period as you state."

    Calm down. Where did I mentioned "hamel"? I don't know even his name. When you blame someone on something, at least you should read what he/she wrote.


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