Mid 1700s - Haedong Chongdo (海東總圖) - Gangwondo

Below is a map of Gwangwon Province (江原道) from the "Haedong Chongdo" (海東總圖) atlas, which is believed to have been made sometime in the mid 1700s. The map and atlas are supposedly stored in the National Library of Korea.

The map clearly shows Usando (于山島) to the west of Ulleungdo (鬱陵島), which means that it could not have been "Dokdo" (Liancourt Rocks), as Korea claims, since Dokdo is ninety-two kilometers southeast of Ulleungdo. Nevertheless, in his book, "Historical Evidence of Korean Sovererignty over DOKDO," Lee Sang-tae (이상태) wrote the following about the map:

울릉도를 표시하고 그 서쪽에 우산도(독도)를 표기하여 두 섬이 우리 영토임을 분명히 아였다.

Here again, Usando (Dokdo) has been situated west of Ulleungdo, thus clearly indicating that the two islands belong to Korea.

Notice that Professor Lee again put "Dokdo" in parentheses next to Usando in spite of the fact that the Usando on this map could not have possibly been referring to Dokdo since Dokdo is east of Ulleungdo, not west. This is another example of how Korean scholars blindly ignore the evidence in their attempt to claim that Usando was the old Korean name for Dokdo.

Mid 1700s - Haedong Chongdo - Gangwondo 1

Mid 1700s - Haedong Chongdo - Gangwondo 2


  1. I suddenly remember this post by Mr.Gerry Bevers.

    1.Usando is between Korean peninsula and Ulleungdo on the Koeran antique maps ,especially west/southwest of Ulleungdo before 1711's maps.

    2.Two island is not so far (from Ulleungdo)

    3.South peak is low, and visible in a fine day.
    南峯稍卑 風日清明則峯頭樹木及山根沙渚歴歴可見

    3.another theory Usan and Ulleungdo is one island.一説于山欝陵一島

    I created a simulation, based on the maps in this post.

    Mostly,cloud or mist is gathering on the valley, betweeen range and ranges. Summit and range is tend to clear.

    Just see it and laugh me, if it is so absurd.

    Ofcourse we know Usando is east of Ulluengdo, after Anh's incident,most of Korean antique maps.

  2. Anonymous13/1/08 01:59

    GTOMR さん

    どうも英語がうまく理解できないですが、私は以前鬱陵島と于山島が一島と見なされたり二島と見なされたりするのは鬱陵島は本来一島であるが朝鮮半島のどこかに見る位置=角度や標高によっては鬱陵島が二島に分かれて見える場所があってそれで二島説が生まれたのではないかと考えてカシミール(http://www.kashmir3d.com/ )を使ってシミュレーションを試みようとしたけどもランドサットの標高データを入手するのがうまくいかなかったのであきらめたことがありました。

  3. 藪太郎様 




    見方によっては、平海からは南に別の島が見える様にも捉えられ、蔚珍からも上記Google earthとこのPostの海東総圖のような感じになるようにも思えます。



  4. Anonymous14/1/08 14:10

    GTOMR さん


  5. 藪太郎様

    今回は、Mary UnivでLandSat?のETM-Data落として、そこで作った地図にHgtファイルを合成してみました。おそらく藪太郎様の指摘されたLandsatの画像だと思います。





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  7. Ulleungdo can be seen from east coast of Korean peninsula beach with Zero or low altitude ?

    I tried to the simulation in the link below

    But it is difficult from 0 meter. and It requires some altitude, similar like from the high place written in the records.
    The simulation result is beyond my presumption.

    Doese anyone have the Ulluengdo pics taken from eastcoast of Korean peninsula at Zero meter-altitude?

    B n R

  8. Anonymous17/1/08 22:29

    GTMOR, we don't need pictures to prove Koreans could see Ulleungdo from the Korean peninsula. This is recorded in some books for example Griffth's book called ‘The Hermit Kingdom' describe seeing Dagelet (Ulleungdo) from Korea in 1882.

    You can read the text from his book here. It reads "From a point on the sea coast nearby in fair weather the cone of Dagelet is visible.."

    Griffiths Hermit Kingdom 1

    You should remember the East coast of Korea is very mountainous right to the shore of the East Sea. There are numerous mountain ranges within just a few kms of the coast.

    Korean Coast

  9. Maybe you would misunderstanding the main issue of my suggestion here and this post.

    Im serching the reason "why and what the Korean map writer want to express in this maps"mid 1700's of Haedong Chongdo.

    Map is for showing correct locations,for suppliment to avoid complicate explanation in the text or records.

    I guess, he would want express Usando is just Ulleungdo or sometimes Ulleungdo can be seen as be two islands.

    Korean ,they wrote Usando in the south or southwest in the maps,mostly before Anh's incident.

    after Anh's incident Korean wrote so-called Usando with JUKDO's shapes and location in the Ulleungdo pages, they would write Usando in the 江原道 pages as well.

    I just guess from those maps, maybe they want to express Korean's unclear concept of Usando before Anh's incident ,Usando be in the west or southwest of Ulleungdo,or Usando be between the Peninsula and Ulleungdo assuming from those maps above link.Ofcourse there are no island between the Peninsula and Ulleungdo.

    They distinguished between consavative concept of Usando, in the west of Ulluengdo and new concept of "So-called Usando in the east of Ulleungdo with today's JUKDO's figure.So some map series like 輿地図, they wrote Usando in the 江原道Pages and wrote so-called Usando in the 鬱陵島 pages.

    In the simulation, sometimes Ullungdo can be seen as if it be Two island from some angle or altitude, locations. But it is just simulations so just I want to see the many pics taken from Ulleungdo.

  10. collection of above post in the last section.

    But it is just simulations so just I want to see the many pics taken Ulleungdo from Korean Peninsula.

  11. Is 武陵渓谷Mulleung Valley named from old times or new named?

    There has some legend of Shangri'la.

    The valley is Mt.頭陀山 nearby Samchok.

  12. I found interesting inquiry by the Samchok tourist and culture website.

    the explanation of samchok tourist and culture office.

    They said; it is difficult to get pics of Ulluengdo from Samchok area.
    From 1352m of 頭陀山,Ulluengdo might be seen slightly but seems difficult to took pic of Ulluengdo.

    >> 三陟市文化観光ホームページ訪問を歓迎致します。

  13. Although they recognized Ulleungdo and Usando-JUKDO on Inspection after An's incidents(1694), some maps still draw conventinal Usando on the west of Ulleugndo, which are the standard before Anh's incident.In addition, In some records they refer it "Ulluengdo and Usando are two island, but other theory has one island twin names".

    I guess those confusion is from following reasons.

    One things is prpnunsation confuse of 鬱陵-蔚陵-于陵-于山-方山-羽陵-芋陵-蔚陵-武稜-茂陵-鬱陵//and so on,which are related with the place of name nearby 蔚珍=于珍(Old name).

    Second is, Ulleungdo can be seen as if it be two islands , one is Ulluengdo and the other is Usando in the west or southwest of Ulleungdo on some conditions when they watch it on the west ocean of Ulleungdo or east Korean peninsula.
    These perspective reflect on many maps drawn before Anh's incident (1694)

    Some may visit small island nearb

    There are the record was drawn fron West side of the sea nearby Ulleungdo by Japan's survey.

    水路雑誌No.41 P35Zoom-up (水路雑誌No.41 P35)

    Judging from their drawn map, it can be seen Ullunegdo-big island with three peak is backside of a small island.

    This image is completly match on my Hypothesis which I had simulated the shapes of Ulleungdo from west sides.

    Simulation by Kashimir which Ulleungdo can be seen as two island, One is ofcourse Ulluengdo and the other which locates between Ulluengdo and Korean peninsula.


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