Korean Nationalism and so-called "Dokdo"

As some of the readers may have noticed, Korean keep commenting on last month's specific post by Pacifist and leaves many unrelated nationalistic comments. I don't understand why they don't even read what it is written or comment on what it is written, instead chanting " It's ours !" "Japan colonized us !". It looks like a religious cult to me. What's going on in Korean educational system? I hope next Korean government stops brainwashing their own kids and train them to be able to debate logically based on facts and evidences.

I found a funny video about recent incident of driver's licence manual in Oregon, U.S. I highly recommend Korean to stop those eccentric acts around the world. It makes not only Korean but whole Asian looks stupid.

Korean news about this video.


  1. By the way, I love the song. Is it a Korean version of Japanese Anime "Chibimaruko"? I wonder what it says...

  2. Shit!!They left the scribble on the Japanese castle!!! That is horrible.

  3. Kaneganese さん

    Is it a Korean version of Japanese Anime "Chibimaruko"? I wonder what it says..

    Korean PON-CHAK singer Dr. Lee sings.


  4. Thanks Yabutarou !

    It looks like he collaborated with 明和電機, too. No wonder he is funny. I welcome this kind of 韓流. (こう言う韓流なら大歓迎ですね。)

  5. Some of these acts of vandalism are quite childish for sure. However, Japanese have to learn Koreans are dead serious about maintaining sovereignty over Dokdo Island. It is not a matter up for "debate"

    The Koreans aren't saying "Dokdo is ours, Japan colonized us.." What they are saying is Japan's 1905 annexation of Liancourt Rocks was an illegal act of military aggression done during a major war.(Russo~Japanese War 1904~1905) They are saying the process by which Japan seized the island was an inseparable part of Japanese expansionism during the colonial era. These are valid assertions.

    I've been doing some background research into the politicians involved in Japan's annexation of Liancourt Rocks and it is clear those involved were right-wing Japanese expansionists and favoured the annexation of Korea.

    Yamaza Enjiro (Political Foreign Affairs Office)who insisted Liancourt Rocks had to be used for watchtowers and telegraph lines was involved with the radical right wing Genyosha (Black Ocean Society)

    Kiego Kiyoura (Agriculture and Commerce) Was an powerful leader of the militaristic Yamagata Faction who believed Japan's national boundary should be extended to Korea and the Asian mainland. Yamagata was the father of Japan's military and Kiyourga was is old ally.

    Komura Jutaro was of course allied with Katsura who both favoured annexing Korea and in 1910 they finally realized this old dream. Komura Jutaro also instructed Durham White Steven not to conduct any foreign affairs without Japanese consent. Komura was involved with negotiations with foreign countries such as the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, the Shimonoseki Peace Treaty, and the Portsmouth Treaty. All of these treaties recognized Japanese unchallenged political and economic "interests" in Korea.

    Nakai's application was directed onto the desks of these right-wing expansionists. What a surprise it was approved!!

    One strange fact I've also noticed. None of Japan's 1905 so-called public announcements made any mention of Liancourt Rocks. Only Nakai's internal application mentions Dokdo's then internationally recognized name. Why is this? Japanese maps and forieign maps show the islands as Liancourt Rocks but the Japanese just say "an uninhabited island"

    In fact, even the 1896 Map of Chosun drawn (copied from British Navy) by Japan's director of Hydrographic Director shows the Japanese and International Community called Dokdo, Liancourt Rocks at this time. Yet as I've said the Japanese made no mention of Liancourt Rocks when they seized the island. How can a tiny ad on the second page of a regional newspaper that makes no mention of Liancourt Rocks be considered "open and public" display of sovereignty in the venue of International Politics?

    The Japanese propaganda video above is really no better than the Korean's. Instead of showing the facts and the rational side of Korea's argument they've resorted to the lowest form of yellow journalism by posting childish acts of vandalism and few Korean wackjob radicals. Then the comical music dies and they show a wounded Japanese fisherman in an shameless attempt to paint Japan as a victim. What a joke.

    The icing on the cake is when whoever posted this rubbish states "Korean's should debate logically on the issue.." The fact is Koreans have asserted and proven the Japanese military and political expansionists annexed Dokdo in 1905. It is the Takeshima lobbyists who childishly maintain their denial campaign.

    독도는 한국 땅 이다 !!!!

    Tell the truth about Japan's military and expansionist politics.

    Japan Don't Deny The Past!!

  6. Some of these acts of vandalism are quite childish for sure.

    I can't agree more.

    Japan was expansionist all right.
    But the point has nothing to do with the sovereignty over Dokdo Island because Korea had no knowledge nor effective control of Dokdo before Japan annexed Dokdo while Japan had the detailed knowledge of it during Edo era before the annexation.
    Every island which was Korean was returned after the war.
    (Beside Nakai was a fisherman.)

    Rather the post-war Korea was an expansionist in that she grabbed Japanese territory, Takeshima over which Korea had never had effective control in history and killed and injured the Japanese fishermen and what's worse, tried to grab Tsushima and Prangdo(non-existent island--lol)

  7. Well, Ponta you say Japan's expansionism isn't relevant. Koreans say it is.

    Korea did have knowledge of Dokdo before Japan annexed the island.

    Korean cognizence confirmed

    The point is this. Korea has Dokdo so where do we go from there?

    Japan is demanding we redraw Japan~Korea's national boundaries back to the colonial era. This is not reasonable for a number of reasons.

    First, when Japan annexed Dokdo in 1905 Japan could fish Korean waters unchallenged. Japan had numerous military facilities on Ulleungdo Island and on the Korean peninsula. Japan had acquired many concessions and interests in the Korean economy through a multitude of coerced and unfair treaties. Korea had even began to allow Japanese nationals to settle in some designated areas and promoted Japanese farming of Korean land.

    In reality when Japan annexed Dokdo in 1905 there really was no definitive border between Korea and Japan because the nature of Japan and Korea's relationship was that of colonizer (Japan) and colony (Korea). Japan wants Liancourt Rocks to once again be the boundary between Japan and Korea. However the political reality of the region today is worlds apart from 1905. Korea is a free country and now an economic power.

    Ulleungdo Island is home to over 10,000 Koreans who base their existence on the waters around Ulleungdo and Dokdo. Considering Ulleungdo and Dokdo are within visual distance of each other, it also makes zero sense from the principal of encroachment to give Dokdo to Japan.

    If Japan could put together a half-decent historical claim to Liancourt Rocks prior to 1905 they might have a case. But when reviewing old Japanese maps and documents it's clear they don't have a leg to stand on. 19th Century Japanese maps consistently fail to show Dokdo as part of Japan despite the fact they show other distant minor islands such as the Ogasawaras, Kyushyus and Kuriles. Some Japanese document either show the Japanese considered Liancourt Rocks (Matsushima) as part of Korea or that Japan wasn't involved with the island.

    Yes, Japan had knowledge of Dokdo however, they consistently excluded Liancourt Rocks from their territory. Check maps and document from the Meiji Era.

    You can see Dokdo was never part of Japan before 1905 on this 1890 Japanese map book that included all minor islands of Japan.
    1890 Japanese limits

    I'm also working on this page. It is an 1895 Japanese map book. It shows all minor islands that were part of Japan even newly annexed Taiwan. You can have a sneak preview.
    1895 Japanese limit

    Ponta, every Japanese island was returned after war and Liancourt Rocks was not included with those islands. Posters here are trying to deceive readers by saying America gave the islands to Japan but this is false. The San Francisco Peace Treaty didn't mention Liancourt Rocks at all.

    In addition many of the documents showing the inner workings of the negotiations proves the Americans were giving the islands away for military posturing. This is very clear with regards to minor islands like Liancourt Rocks and Marcus Island.

    Japanese cite the Marcus Islands notification as similar to Liancourt Rocks. However, possession of these islands was also disputed because Japan's incorporation of Marcus Islands was also not quite so public. Is is notable Marcus Islands also were not renounced to Japan in the San Francisco Peace Treaty.

    The bottom line is this. If Japan wants the international community to listen to her claim to Liancourt, she has to base her case on more than just the 1905 annexation of the island. The cat is out of the bag about Japan's military and expansionist involvement in the Liancourt Rocks annexation.

    The Expansionist Politics of Japan and Dokdo

  8. "Korean cognizance confirmed"

    The link is about Japan's cognition about Dokdo.

    See ,because you yourself do not believe Korea was cognizant of Dokod, you linked to the Japanese documents!!.
    And you are trying to show that Japan didn't recognize Dokdo as Japanese territory partly by demonstrating the books and maps that Japan failed to mention Dokdo.
    But that'll never show Japan was not cognizant of Dokdo. If there are documents that Japan knew it, it is proof that she knew it.

    Instead of nitpicking and making up
    a fancy theory, I suggest you to ask Korean historians to search the document that clearly mention "Dokdo". As long as you keep saying Usan, Sekto, and whatnot is Dokdo on the shaky theory, I am afraid you can not convince the third party.

  9. Anonymous1/1/08 04:17

    Ponta, Japanese documents say in 1900 "Koreans call these islands Dokdo" What difference does it make what the source is? The fact (as I've shown) is that Koreans were aware of Dokdo before the Japanese annexed the island. This is shown by both the Black Dragon Fishing (1901 and 1903 editions) and by the logbooks of the Japanese warship Niitaka. Your defence that because they were Japanese is a lame duck statement. Thus we know their claims of "terra nullius" are a sham!!

    Please read the Black Dragon Fishing manuals again Ponta!

    The Japanese have documents that show they were "aware" of Dokdo. Unfortunately for you, these records consistently show the Japanese excluded Dokdo from their territory or thought the islands were appended to Dokdo's sister island Ulleungdo.

    Again Japan consistently excluded Dokdo from her territory.

    No Dokdo1

    No Dokdo

    No Dokdo2

    No Dokdo3

    No Dokdo4

    No Dokdo5

    There is no nitpicking Ponta. There are literally scores of Japanese maps and documents that show Japan had no claim to Dokdo prior to their military annexing the island along with the aid of their right-wing, expansionist government.

    Do you want me to show you again? O.K. buddy!!

    Japanese Military on Dokdo

    Japan's Illegal Annexation of Dokdo

    Really, I feel sorry for you and your crew. Wasting all this time on an island Japan will never own. However, if you keep trying Korea accepts this challenge and will show no mercy for those who wish to violate her territory. Bring it on!!


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