Daum Urges Koreans to Come Here and Vote "Dokdo"

If any of the regular visitors to this blog is curious about why there has been a sudden surge in votes in our "Dokdo or Takeshima?" survey and can read Korean, you can go HERE to find part of the answer.

On the Korean Web site "Daum," there is a post urging Koreans to come to this blog and vote for "Dokdo." Looking at the post, it seems to be part of a "signature drive" service offered by Daum.

Maybe some of the Koreans who come here to vote will read some of the posts on our site, but I am afraid that most will just come and mindlessly vote "Dokdo."

The post says that by voting for "Dokdo" and posting the link to other sites, Koreans can tell the world that "Dokdo" belongs to them. However, yelling that something is yours and proving that something is yours are two different things. Yelling may work in Korea, but it does not work very well in the US or other countries.


  1. It seems that votes for Japan increased ....
    I don't care but hopefully a quarter of them may take a look at this site, if they did it would be good.

    I hope some of them will write their opinions. Please let us hear your opinions, Korean friends!

  2. We are DAUMed? If it became popular in Korea, maybe we should translate our posts in Korean, too? I hope at least one out of 100 read one of the posts.

    But, wait! What's going on? Votes for Japan jumped up in one day. I think I need to translate your posts immediately so that more people could have a chance to read them.

  3. Pacifist, says "Korean friends"......what a joke.

    If 99.9% of Koreans read some of your posts about why Japan colonized Korea they would spit in your face Pacifist. I'm not joking. I've shown some of your rubbish to my Korean friends.

  4. Steve,
    Are you afraid of letting Korean people know the truth?

  5. toadface (Steve),

    One of the largest obstacles for a true friendship between Japan and Korea should be Liancourt rocks issue. We should talk in a logical way not yelling each other.

    What is the truth? Which should have real right to own the rocks? We should examine old records including old documents and old maps and discuss where is the truth.

    The true enemy is somebody who is always misleading people.

  6. Steve,
    this is second time you use different IDs even on this one forum. Who would believe what such irresponsible person who use multiple IDs would say? And you finally decide to admit openly you are Steve Barber who owns that racist anti-Japan propaganda site which reject setting BBS nor any objections? It looks like you are really cornerd.

    Steve Barber wrote;
    "If 99.9% of Koreans read some of your posts about why Japan colonized Korea they would spit in your face Pacifist."
    When did Japan colonize Korea in the first place? Are you talking about 1500 years ago? You said you are against any colonizationm, but Japan didn't do that to Korea. You are barking at a wrong tree. Don't use Korean's feeling to support your own anti-Japan hatred.

    And if you really spit someone on his face, it is a minor offence in Japan. You can get charged as a criminal. Remember, more than 400 Korean felonies and criminals are put in Japanese prison currently. What you are saying is worsening Japanese impressions towards Korean more and more. If 99.9% Korean would do that to him who has been writing in very logical way, that means Korean doesn't mind offencing law just in order to prove his nationalistic belief and they are crazy nationalists as a whole. It this what you want to say?

    See? You are not helping Korean, but degrading them. And it is extremely offensive to All the East Asians including Korean and Japanese, too. Except you, (I forgot, did you say you are from Canada?). If your Korean friends around you doesn't mind spit in others face, that only means you yourselg are such a kind of people.

  7. I guess that prejudicefull nationalist hanmaumy plannning to call nationalist korean to vote this counter.

    I saw my post about fishing industry nearby Ullungdo in enjoy korea increase from 600 to 1223 on one day and it is nominated 1st position of daily lanking.

    I guess first time he have much hope to fill up with his desire to beat japanese in the boat, but faild so he got Hwabyoung in the enjoy korea.

  8. gtomr wrote;
    "I guess that prejudicefull nationalist hanmaumy plannning to call nationalist korean to vote this counter."
    If that's the case, we need to thank him for pumping up our access number. And I saw your post on Enjoy Korea. It is very interesting and well written. When you finished your writing, please let us know on this forum. As for hanmaumy, I guess he has not recovered from serious "selective illiteracy"yet.

    By the way, I read a book 「海を越える済州島の海女 -海の資源をめぐる女のたたかいー」李善愛(イ・ソンエ 明石書店 2001) a while ago. I wrote up some of interesting part for us. Though it is basically about women divers in Jeju island, there are some other places including Ulluendo. I haven't translated them yet, but I paste them here so that we could share. We can know a lot about Korean fishery around 1900.

    According to the book, first record of Japanese divers went to Korean was to Ulleundo in 1879, from Yamaguchi prefecture. Before Japanese came to fish around Choson penninsula in the late 1800s, Korean were not interested in fishing and there were plenty of marine products left untouched. It attracted many Japanese fishermen who had already developped modern fishing gears and methods, and were limited their fishing by co-ops and local governer in order to maintain marine resources. And it affected Korean fishery industry since they learned it is a luclutive job and they now had a international market through Japanese marine products marchandiser.

    She listed a lots of books which sounds very interesting. If you have a chance, take a look. It's in National Diet Library.

    「海を越える済州島の海女 -海の資源をめぐる女のたたかいー」李善愛(イ・ソンエ)2001 明石書店

    第1章 韓国海女の形成
    p29 日本の潜水業者が韓国へ進出した最初の記録は、1879年の山口県大浦出身の海女による鬱陵島への出漁である。1900年ごろには海女を乗せた漁船の数は40席に達している[大喜多 1989:110-111]。出漁元は、愛媛、長崎、三重、福岡、兵庫、熊本県などで、主な捕獲対象物は、中国輸出向けのアワビ、なまこであった。主な出漁先は、韓国の忠清南道、全羅南道、慶尚北道、江原道、かん雇用南道の沿岸地域であった。[吉田 1954211;羽原 1957;大喜多 1989]。
    済州島には早くから、日本の海産物商人が海藻類や貝類などを買い入れにきた。それに呼応して済州島では海岸地域へ人口が集中し始め、海女の数も急増し島外への出稼ぎが再開された[藤永 1989:95]。済州島海女の韓国本土への移動を合法化したのが1908年の「韓国漁業法」の制定であった。
    済州島海女の韓国本土への出稼ぎは、1895年に始まっている[吉田 1954:134]。日本による韓国出漁に遅れること約15年である。当時、世界ではテングサ、カジメが工業用、食料用に開発されて利用が増え、商品価値が高まった[久曽神 1965;片岡 1983]。それに伴い日本の海草商人が、韓国では殆ど放置されていた海藻類を目指して、釜山に集まってきた。これを契機に済州島の自給経済は商品経済に移行し、日本の資本主義経済圏に組み込まれたのである。
    5. 済州島海女の組織と技術
    済州島海女は、日本の漁業の韓国沿岸への進出に巻き込まれた形で、19世紀末から活発な出稼ぎを始めた。その過程で日本人海女を凌駕するという現象が起こった。その最大の原因は、最州島海女が低賃金を受け入れ、長時間労働に耐え、月経時にも休まないほどの勤勉さを持ち、かつ技術的にも劣ることがなかったからだといわれている[泉 1991]。日本人海女の後退は、日本の工業化による社会の経済的発展が背景にあり、女性労働者が自然・社会環境のより有利な業種へと吸収されていったためであろうと考えられる。
    潜水業という作業を容易にし効果を高めた技術が、このころ導入されたことも、注目すべきである。その一つは20世紀の初頭に日本から導入された双眼潜水鏡で、これによって漁獲量が顕著に増加した。その結果、最州島では、経済の中心が内陸の農村から沿岸漁村へと移り、農民と漁民の社会的地位が逆転した。それまでは、漁民は低く、農民は高いとみなされていたのである[高野 1996:122-124]。
    とりわけ大きな衝撃となったのが潜水器である。日本ではじめて近代的潜水器を使って操業した山口県出身の吉村与三郎が、1885年に韓国済州島沿岸で操業を開始している[稲井 1937:3]。韓国沿岸への進出の直接の原因は、長崎、山口県で資源保護のため潜水器量を禁止され、操業できなくなった漁者が活路を求めたからであるといわれている[北野 1933:29]。潜水器船の主な出漁元は、長崎、徳島、愛媛、大分、広島、山口、兵庫、新潟の各県にわたっているが、その大多数は韓国と地理的に近い長崎県であった。出漁先は全羅南道、慶尚北・南道、黄海道、江原道、かんこゆお北・南道である。
    主な漁獲物はアワビ、ナマコで、明鮑(干しアワビ)、煎海鼠子(干しナマコ)に加工して長崎から中国に輸出したのである[稲井 1937]。
    済州島に進出した1885年頃は、多いときは2時間くらいの操業で、4斗升に10杯以上もアワビが取れ、処理に困って捕獲を休み、干しアワビ製造に専念したという。これを聞きつけて日本の潜水業者が続々と韓国へ押しかけ、1907年頃には潜水器船が400隻にいたり、最盛期を迎えた[全羅南道事情誌刊行会 1931:108]。
    黒山群島では、日本の潜水器船、裸潜夫ともに来漁している。裸潜夫の使用は大分県の海産商加藤太郎松兄弟が始めて通漁し、1894年初年は主として明鮑を製造したが、大型アワビの減少で1903年頃から缶詰製造に代わった。毎年4月に来て9月に去るという通漁であった[朝鮮総督府農商工部編 1908:348]。

    第3章 海女の語る生活史

    第4章 ワカメ漁場の意味と特性
    p139 (現在)波が高くても海でワカメを取って死者が出たりしてから区域を決めて操業するようになった。ワカメは筏船やFRP船に載って鏡で磯鎌で採取する。ワカメの生産量は、総操業日数20日間で、年間約3千kgである。

    第7章 済州島海女の特性
    1. 差別
    p218 朝鮮王朝時代の漁民は「身良役賎」といわれ、身分は農民と同じ良民であるが、その役は賎民視されていた[水産庁 1968:71]。当時の社会では農業だけが基本として認識されていたからである。このため、農耕民は今でも、農業以外の生業を、賎業、苦役と考えている。潜水業は賎業の中でも最も卑しい職業とされているが、特に女性がこの職業に携わっている場合には、さらに低く認識されてしまう。


  9. Correction
    かん雇用 & かんこゆお


    ... sorry

  10. Kaneganese-sama

    Thank you so much for your suggestion and digest of the the book about diving wemen of Jeju is. I need to read again, before I had read it to check about only Liancourt Rocks but I didn't care about Ullungdo's fishing activities at that time.

  11. I mean, really Japan colonized korea barely 50 years ago. It was Korea's until Japan discovered that it had underground resources in it. I have no feelings of anti-Japanism, but really, Dokdo is Koreas. First, there are over 200 Korean, Chinese, and Japanese documents saying that Dokdo is Korea's and only 8 showing that Dokdo is Japan's. Please, just because Japan is developed, don't support everything they do ...

  12. Logical1,

    Please show the 200 documents to support the theory that Dokdo is Korea's, as we have not discovered any at alluntil today.

    It's amazing if you really have them, please show us them all.

  13. The treaty of 1902, Map of 1903,1903,1903,1907,1932. Also Usando, Jukdo. Even Japan agreed that Dokdo was Korean in the 1930s. Now that they discovered their's money involved, wow, Dokdo's mine. Takeshima's Day. Really. Anyway, Japan has no right to say Dokdo is theirs in their textbooks. The argument isn't over.

  14. logical1 wrote;

    "The treaty of 1902, Map of 1903,1903,1903,1907,1932. Also Usando, Jukdo. Even Japan agreed that Dokdo was Korean in the 1930s."

    What are you talking about? What map? Bring the concrete evidences. And first of all, you need to show us Korean Documents which show Korean recognized the sovereignty of Takeshima/Dokdo before 1905. Besides, in 1390s, there was no country called Korea, unfortunately. Categorizing the island into 江原道 during these era doesn't mean Japanese "gave" Korea the island.

  15. What do you mean 'gave'?. If you meant 'gave' in that sense, Korea gave China all their land!


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