1855 Pronouncing Gazetteer, USA

This is a massive Gazetteer (over 1700 pages) "Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World", a geographical dictionary, which was published in 1855 in Philadelphia, USA by Lippincott Company.

There is no description about Liancourt Rocks or Argonaut island although it referred to Dagelet island.
To follow is from the description of "Corea". It didn't mention Liancourt Rocks directly but many of the readers may think it's interesting.


COREA, or KOREA, ko-ree’ a, (called by the natives Tsyosien, by the Chinese, to whom it is tributary, Kao-lee, and by the Japanese, Ko-rai, ko’ri’, whence its European name of Corea, or Korea,) is an extensive peninsular country in North-eastern Asia, whose limits are not accurately known, bounded E. by the Sea of Japan, S. by the Strait of Corea, and W. by the Whanghai, or Yellow Sea, and the Gulf of Leao-tong. The capital, Kingkitao, is situated on the Kiang River, in the centre of the kingdom, lat. 37°40’N., and lon. 127°20’E. Corea comprises a peninsula with a small portion of the continent to which it is attached; the continental portion extending in breadth from lon. 124°to 132°E., the peninsula from lon. 125°15’ to 131°30’ E., between lat. 33°20’ and 43°N., its average width being about 135 miles, while the total length of the country, from N. to S., is somewhat less than 600 miles. Corea also includes numerous groups of islands in the Yellow Sea and Strait of Corea, and the island of Quelpart, 50 miles S. of the peninsula. Area of continental portion, about 80,000 square miles.

The longitude 131°30' E. ,which was mentioned in the peninsula portion, would include Ulleungdo although it still excludes Liancourt Rocks.
Western people didn't think that Liancourt Rocks belonged to Korea in the 19th century at all, as many other books and maps indicated.
And to follow is about Dagelet island (Ulleungdo):
An island in the Sea of Japan, about midway
between Japan and Corea, 8 miles in circumference. Lat. (N.point) 37°25' N.,
lon. 130° 56' E.

GTOMR found that "Matsushima-No-Gi (Arguments on Matsushima)" from the three-volume book "A Study of Historical Evidence of Takeshima (竹島考証)" (1881) mentioned this "Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World" in its Section No.12 "Argument on Matsushima II".
The description of ”section No 12 Argument on Matsushima II" ( 第拾貳號 松島之議ニ) is as follows:

Puronawonsinku (Pronouncing) Gasetsuteru (Gazetteer)
Ze Worurudo (
of the World) written by Ritsupinkotto (Lippincott) mentions that Dazera (Dagelet) is a small island in the Sea of Japan, which is located at almost the midpoint between Japan and Korea and its circunference is 8-ri. North point 37 degree 25 min N lat, 130 degree 56 min E long.



  1. Thank you for your post.I'd serched this but fail and give up before.
    By the way, any attached maps around sea of Japan incruding Argonaut and Dagelet?

    your post here is same book or different with Imperial Gazette ?

    I think this book would be "クワピンコツト is miswriting of Lippincott and プロナヲンシンク means this book you post here and stated on第?貳號 松島之議ニ in the 竹島考証?

    Im still serching for maps stated in 第?貳號 松島之議ニ with under bar as follows
    Imperial Gazette
    E-1786年La Perouse 
    英Royal Atras
    英?王地理家Games Wyldノ日本朝鮮/
    千八百七十五年ゴツタノスチールスノアドラス、 (左記リンクは1875年の亜細亜圖)
    ウアイマル地理局ノ圖(Weimar Geo Institute) (左記リンクは1856の亜細亜圖?)

  2. GTOMR,

    Yes, I agree with you, that the book you mentioned maybe this Pronouncing Gazetteer because クワピンコツト著プロナヲンシンク perhaps mean "Lippincott" and "Pronouncing".

    Unfortunately this Gazetteer doesn't include any maps.

    But this Gazetteer is quite interesting as it was written in the end of Edo era (幕末). I couldn't introduce the section of Japan here but it mentioned Japan in much volume fully about climate, productions, manufactures, commerce, customs etc - for example, Japan had two sovereigns (Mikado or Dairi-sama, and Siogun or Kubo) etc...

    The Imperial Gazetteer is another Gazetteer, it was published earlier than this Pronouncing Gazetteer. The author of the Pronouncing Gazetteer mentioned the Imperial Gazetteer in a section of Japan: "The above estimates are from MacFarlane's recent work on Japan, but according to the Imperial Gazetteer. Japan Proper, with its adjacent islands, numbering in all 3511, includes an area of 116,405 square miles, of which 27,630 are contained in Yesso, ....."

    As to the "千八百七十五年ゴツタノスチールスノアドラス", I think it maybe Stieler's map I already introduced (please see the "1880 Map of Japan from Adolf Stieler's Hand Atlas 7th Edition"). It was published in Gotha (Germany) ゴッタ, and the 7th edition in 1880 is not inconsistent with the presence of its 1875 version.

  3. Thanks, pacifist

    This is a very interesting book. It explains why there were no western countries which considered Liancourt Rocks as Korean around 1900.

  4. By the way, anyone does know the news about German Map on 1901?(Quote from this site)







  5. Thanks, GTOMR

    I can't read the news on that site, anymore. I'd like to know what colour Ulleungdo was drawn.

    I think we should study those old maps and what was their perception of the island at that time.

  6. GTOMR,

    I sent an e-mail to you. Please check it.

  7. GTOMR,

    BTW, I noticed that クワピンコツト著プロナヲンシンク、ガセフテル、ゼヲールルド maybe Lippincott(クワピンコツト), Pronouncing(プロナヲンシンク) Gazetter(ガセフテル) of the World(ゼヲールルド).

  8. Gazetter(ガセフテル) of the World(ゼヲールルド).
    yes, your suggestion is right! I could never imagined ゼヲールルド is the world lol.

    The description of "1855 Pronouncing Gazetter" and 第拾貳號 松島之議ニ is completely matching the contents.

    The description of "1855 Pronouncing Gazetter"
    An island in the Sea of Japan, about midway
    between Japan and Corea, 8 miles in circumference. Lat. (N.point) 37°25' N.,
    lon. 130° 56' E.

    The description of 第拾貳號 松島之議ニ

    So some 里 in other records also need to re-check which 日里 or 韓里 or 浬 or 哩 they use.

  9. GTOMR,

    I updated the information.
    Thanks for your information.

    It is a little surprise that Lippincott, which is still one of the largest publishing companies of USA, was told in this "Matsushima-No-Gi".

  10. To Pacifist,
    Btw, if you have a time, please advice the description below? (sorry it is not the dispute of Liancourt Rocks) on Pronouncing Gazetter and Imperial Gazetter?

    1.Mer Du Coree or Korean Gulf or Broughton Bay or East Korean sea
    2.Sea of Japan
    3.Strait of Corea

    Thanks n best n regrads.

  11. GTOMR,

    In the Pronouncing Gazetteer, as I've quaoted, there was no mentioning of Broughton Bay.

    The Sea of Japan was written as east of Chosun, and the Strait of Coree was south of Chosun.

    As to Imperial Gazetteer, I will take a look and reply later.

  12. GTIOMR,

    The names in the Imperial Gazetteer seems to be similar to the Pronouncing Gazetteer. Namely, the Sea of Japan at east of Chosun and the Strait of Coree at south of Chosun.

  13. Thanks pacifist.

    On both gazetters, are there any definition of Sea of Japan and Strait of Corea and so on , like China pilot 3rd edition did so?


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