2011 May 13 - "Dong-a Ilbo" Reports Discovery of a "Dae Dongyeojido" Map Showing "Dokdo"

In a May 13 article entitled, "First Domestic Discovery of a Hand-drawn Dae Dongyeojido Map Showing Dokdo," Korea's Dong-a Ilbo reports the following:

A Dae Dongyeojido (大東輿地圖 – 대동여지도) map showing Dokdo has been discovered  domestically for the first time.

On the 11th, the Academy of Korean Studies revealed, "In November of last year, while researching old documents as part of an effort to promote Korean Studies, a hand-drawn copy of a Dae Dongyeojido map showing Dokdo was found in Seoul's Seodaemun District Korean Research Center library.

On this handdrawn copy, an island labeled "Usan" (于山) was drawn to the right of Ulleungdo. Usan was the old name for Dokdo. The sea was drawn blue and the islands were drawn yellow.

Worldwide, there are a total of 25 block-print or hand-drawn copies of the Dae Dongyeojido. As for copies showing Dokdo, until now there was only a block-print copy in Japan's Diet Library, none had been found domestically. In the block prints, Kim Jong-ho, himself, craved the map on the blocks in 1861. The hand-drawn copies were made by placing paper over the original blocks and tracing them.

The Research Director of the Academy of Korean Studies, Ok Yeong-jeong, said, "A hand-drawn Dae Dongyeojido map showing Dokdo is important for understanding how Dokdo was seen by Koreans in the 19th century.  Lee Sang-tae, an endowed professor at the Graduate School of Korea International Culture University, explained, "Japan has claimed sovereignty of Dokdo by saying 'Dokdo has hardly appeared on a Dae Dongyeojido, which is Korea's representative map,' but the discovery of this map has confirmed that claim is groundless."

Above Ulleungdo on the map is written, "In the 11th year of Yeongjong, Gangwon Gamsa Jo Choi-su inspected Ulleungdo, and Usando is to the east of Ulleungdo." Concerning this, Professor Lee explained, "Until the Daehan Emprie was established in 1897, King Yeongjo was called 'Yeongjong,' so this hand-drawn map was drawn sometime between 1861, when the Dae Dongyeojido was first made, and 1897.

Thanks for the link to the article, Chaamiey.

The following is an image of the map from YTN News:

Of course, the island the article is claiming to be "Dokdo" is actually Ulleungdo's neighboring island of Jukdo (竹島 - 죽도), which is two kilometers off Ulleungdo's east shore, as shown in the Google satellite image below:

Besides the Dae Dongyeojido shown above, Kim Jong-ho also drew the following 1834 map of Ulleungdo and Usando, a map which has gridlines for distance along the edge. Each gridline represented ten ri, which was about four kilometers. The gridlines prove that the Usan (于山) on the map could not have possibly been Liancourt Rocks (Dokdo), which are are about 90 kilometers southeast of Ulleungdo and are essentially made up of two rock islets, not one.


  1. Add this comparison image between Jukdo and Usando
    1834 青邱図 

    1861-94 大東與地図

  2. This is an interesting map for several reasons:

    1) It is a Daedong Yeojido map that shows Usando (于山 - 우산) as Ulleungdo's neighboring island of Jukdo, which is 2 kilometers (km) off Ulleungdo's east shore.

    2) It shows Ulleungdo with three prominent peaks, which is why Ulleungdo was once called "Sambongdo" (三峰島 - 삼봉도), which means "Island of Three Peaks."

    3) It shows Ulleungdo with six neighboring islands, with Usan being the most prominent. That conforms with a special report on Ulleungdo written in the September 23, 1899 edition of Korea's Hwangseong Sinmun (皇城新聞 - 황성신문), which wrote the following:

    "There is an island in the sea east of Uljin called "Ulleung." Among its six, small neighboring islands, the most prominent one is Usando/Jukdo"

    蔚珍之東海에 一島가 有하니 曰鬱陵이라 其附屬한 小六島中에 最著者는 于山島竹島이니

    4) It described Ulleungdo as being about sixty ri (24 km) from east to west and about forty ri (16 km) from north to south, with a circumference of about 200 ri. That is exactly how Korea's Ministry of Interior described the County of Uldo (Ulleundo) in a July 13, 1906 Hwangseong Sinmun article.

    This map confirms once again that Usando was Ulleungdo's neighboring island of Jukdo, not Liancourt Rocks (Dokdo).

  3. My pleasure,Mr.Bevers.

    The article above is another good example which shows Koreans’ special ability to see an island not drawn on the map.

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  5. If you compare the island labeled "Usan" (于山) on this new hand-drawn "Dae Dongyeojido" map with the island labeled "Usan" on the block-printed map in Japan's Diet Library, you should notice that their shapes are drawn slightly differently, as are the mountain symbols on them.

    Isn't it possible that there was no wooden printing block showing the island labeled "Usan," but that it was simply drawn on the map afterwards?

  6. >>Above Ulleungdo on the map is written, "In the 11th year of Yeongjong, Gangwon Gamsa Jo Choi-su inspected Ulleungdo, and Usando is to the east of Ulleungdo."

    This article was written in 1735. In addition, not "the east of Ulleungdo" but "the west of Ulleungdo". This is clear distortion.

    영조 11년 1월 17일 (무자) 원본793책/탈초본44책 (18/19) 1735년 雍正(淸/世宗) 13년
    "興慶曰, 江原監司趙最壽狀啓, 鬱陵島搜討, 今年當擧行。"
    "取魯曰, 丁丑戊寅年間, 朝家送張漢相, 看審圖形以來, 而聞鬱陵島廣潤土沃, 曾有人居基址, 或有船舶往來之痕。其西, 又有于山島, 而亦且廣潤云矣。"

    승정원일기 - 承政院日記

    "Cheonggudo" (靑邱圖) Atlas wrote,

    "英宗十一年 江原監使趙最壽 啓言 鬱陵島地廣土沃有人居田地 而其西又有于山島 亦廣闊云 則所謂西字與 此圖之在東相佐"


    Please watch my video.
    竹島問題 ・于山島検証動画part2


    I made a comparison gif image.


  7. Is everyone on holiday?

    I am surprised there are not more comments about this new 大東輿地圖, which I find very interesting.

    Is much being said about it in the Japanese media?

    Also, I would love to know what the scholars at the Takeshima Research Center are saying about the map and the fact that it shows Ulleungdo with six neighboring islands, the most prominent of which is Usan.

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  10. I had never paid attention to the symbol of Ulleung County before, Chaamiey. Interesting.

  11. Usan in this newly found "Dae Dongyeojido" Map is very similar to the one in Japan's NDL map. But two are not perfectly much. I think one of them was a copy of another, or at least they have same origin.

    This kind of news sound ridiculous to everyone except for Korean, since Usando in the map is clearly Jukdo, not Takeshima/Dokdo.

  12. Anonymous29/5/11 01:16



    "英宗十一年 江原監使趙最壽 啓言 鬱陵島地廣土沃有人居田地 而其西又有于山島 亦廣闊云 則所謂西字與 此圖之在東相佐"




    지도의 울릉도 위에는 ‘영종 11년 강원감사 조최수가 울릉도를 시찰했고 우산도가 울릉도 동쪽에 있다’고 적혀 있다.





  13. 今回の蔵書閣の大東與地図に書かれている四行の文面は日本のNDLと同じ文章かどうかはわかりませんが、日本NDLの大東與地図には、青 図と同じ文面の記載があります。