2009 - 17 July - Japanese Defense White Paper claimed Takeshima is an inherent part of Japan.

17th July, 2009, in a cabinet meeting, the government of Japan approved a 2009 defense white paper(平成21年版 防衛白書) that claimed Takeshima as an inherent Japanese territory. Let's see what it says.

Chapter 1. Security environment that surrounds Japan
2. Security environment around my country

In Asia Pacific region、there are the countries that accomplishes the rapid economic development such as China and India, and a worldwide concern for this region rises mainly from the economic aspect. At the same time, enhancement and strengthening cooperation and the cooperation between each country in the region have been attempted.On the other hand, diversity like the political dispensation and an economic developmental stage, the race, and the religion, etc. is abundant, and in this region it still remains the composition of the confrontation of each country even after the cold war is over. The views on
security environment and the recognition on threats are different each other. Thus a big change in the security environment seen in European region has yet to be occurred and a past problem such as territorial issues and unification affairs has been left. In Choson peninsula, the same race's dividing into two parts continues over longer than half a century, leaving the military forces from both countries, north and south, confronting each other. Moreover, addition to the problem over Taiwan, the territorial issue over Spratly Islands exist, too. Furthermore, as for Japan, the territorial issues over northern territories and Takeshima, both of which are the inherent parts of our country, still remain unsettled.

第I部 わが国を取り巻く安全保障環境
2 わが国周辺の安全保障環境

Korean Government reacted to this promptly and Korean media reported this in Japanese on their news site. Or ordinary Japanese would not have even known about what defense white paper says about Takeshima.

Seoul Blasts Tokyo Over Latest Dokdo Islets Claim (Choson online)
Korea has strongly protested Japan's move to include the country's easternmost islets of Dokdo as Japanese territory in its annual defense white paper. In a cabinet meeting on Friday Tokyo approved a 2009 defense white paper that claimed Korea's Dokdo islets as Japanese territory under the name "Takeshima." Seoul's foreign ministry responded strongly, emphasizing the islets are Korean territory according to history, geography and international law, and demanded an immediate rectification. Seoul also accused Tokyo of raising tensions less than a month after the two countries' leaders held a summit. Arirang News / Jul. 20, 2009 10:34 KST

Now, even North Korean ruling party repulsed as well, claiming "Infringement to my race's autonomy".

North Korean Worker's Party organization paper repulses to Japanese Defence White Paper. "The threat of northeast Asia is Japan" (Sankei : 28 July, 2009) cache
NK Worker's Party organization paper "Rodong Sinmun(労働新聞)" of North Korea published the repulsed commentary , saying that "It was outrageous, and if dangerous power of northeast Asia was recorded, it is Japan" in the point of 2009 version defense white paper of Japan of the nucleus and the missile of North Korea on the 28th, "Important threat". Korean Central News Agency told. It criticized that the white paper had clearly described the sovereignty of Takeshima, the disputed island of Japan-South Korea , saying that it is an "infringement to the autonomy of our race".

朝鮮労働党機関紙「北東アジアの脅威は日本」 防衛白書に反発 (産経 : 2009.7.28 21:25)

Last February, Japanese government made protest against Korean Defence Paper, in which Korea wrote that Japan's Takeshima as Korean territory.

Japan makes a protest stealthily
Korea wrote that Japan's Takeshima as Korean territory in their "National Defence White Paper 2008 version" using a photo of Takeshima as its cover. Japanese government made a protest to Korean government through the Japanese embassy in Seoul and summoned the men in charge from the Korean embassy in Tokyo to make a protest. The protest was made on the 23rd when the white paper was published. However, Japanese government did not announce it officially so that it was not known to foreign people including Korean people at all.

Korean government firmly denies Takeshima/Liancourt Rocks is territorial issue, but as far as we know, it is the Territorial Dispute, indeed. Korean government should agree to bring this territorial issue to ICJ and settle bilateral problem peacefully.


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